Archive - November 1999

30/11/99 1999 GE: Uncertain and Perilous future for Malaysia
30/11/99 We accept the verdict of the people
29/11/99 Mass media lies against DAP on Polling Day
29/11/99 LKS congratulates NZ PM-elect Helen Clark
28/11/99 Mirzan - "does not have even one sen of share"
28/11/99 TARC - Upgrade to University
27/11/99 Foreign funding: Let all parties open their books
27/11/99 Save DAP: Appeal to Sarawak voters
27/11/99 Nov. 29 Choice of Destiny - Towards Justice or Darkness
27/11/99 Tsu Koon: Keng Yaik not best model of political leader
27/11/99 Political advertising: BN spends RM50 million
26/11/99 Dr. Sua's "Stand and squat" theory
26/11/99 DAP wants urgent meeting with MCCCBCHS
25/11/99 MCBCHS pledged support for BN - major blow to BA
25/11/99 Tsu Koon: Don't have nightmares
25/11/99 Keng Yaik: Rank political opportunism
24/11/99 Liong Sik should apologise to Teresa Kok
24/11/99 Hishammuddin - Do grow up!
24/11/99 Close down BN "dirty tricks" dept.
24/11/99 Five-year extension of rent control
24/11/99 Hishammuddin - don't dishonour your illustrious family
24/11/99 Liong Sik should apologise to Teresa Kok
24/11/99 Phantom voters galore in Bukit Bendera
23/11/99 LKY: most mischievous and irresponsible minister
23/11/99 No quorum - BN MPs always play truant
23/11/99 Tsu Koon - Should Ghafar "retire"?
22/11/99 Keng Yaik and Hadi's bill
22/11/99 Abdullah Badawi wrong about Anwar
22/11/99 Election Commission: Stop "fear and scare" political adverts
22/11/99 Zhu Rongji: Be very guarded
22/11/99 Mahathir: Ground executive jet during election
22/11/99 LKS' chances reduced by 8-10%
21/11/99 Zhu Rongji's visit to Malaysia
21/11/99 More police reports against BN
21/11/99 Restore Georgetown as city since 1.1.1957
21/11/99 BN's inflammatory advertisements: DAP lodges police report
20/11/99 Outrageous: Anwar not allowed last visit to brother who died today
20/11/99 64% DAP parliamentary candidates professionals/uni graduates
20/11/99 Muluk's outbursts: LKS sad/understanding
20/11/99 Penang - Oppose BN Autopont "gostan" policies
20/11/99 GE: Referendum on Mahathir last five years
19/11/99 LKS: Contest Bukit Bendera/Kebun Bunga
19/11/99 IGP: Stop Mahathir from harping on May 13
18/11/99 LKS will call it a day if...
18/11/99 680,000 disenfranchised voters: Support BA
18/11/99 "Vote DAP is a vote for PAS" - Latest LLS lie
18/11/99 Karpal, Seng Giaw to defend Jelutong, Kepong
17/11/99 Zhu Rongji's visit: DAP offers co-operation
17/11/99 DAP will be wiped out - Star survey
17/11/99 680,000 Disenfranchised: BN strategy to retain two-thirds
16/11/99 650,000 new voters: Constitutional challenge
16/11/99 GE: Shame to involve foreigners
16/11/99 DAP forum on KKN: ACA DG should attend
15/11/99 M using Zhu Rongji to woo Chinese votes
15/11/99 Foreign press biased against BN?
15/11/99 Zaitun Kassim as Selayang DAP candidate
14/11/99 Betty Chew and Kota Melaka
14/11/99 "Do or Die" Battle for DAP and democracy & justice
14/11/99 Chief Sec. as BN candidate: Most improper
13/11/99 BA challenges BN
12/11/99 Penang State Assembly - Big Yawn for five years
12/11/99 Declare Polling Day a Public Holiday
12/11/99 9-day campaign: shortest in history, as in 1986
12/11/99 Pardon LGE: Let him contest in election
11/11/99 Barisan Alternative plans strategy
11/11/99 Mahathir confident of retaining 2/3 majority?
11/11/99 GE: Defer SPM/STPM exams by three weeks
10/11/99 Dissolution of Parliament - BN avoiding accountability
10/11/99 Election Commission: International laughing-stock
10/11/99 24-hour ultimatum to Liong Sik
9/11/99 AG: Investigate Dr. Chua Soi Lek - sedition
9/11/99 Public debates: DAP accepts UMNO challenge
9/11/99 Election Commission - like Caesar's wife?
8/11/99 No DAP PM in next election
7/11/99 HSBC/NUBE industrial dispute
6/11/99 Mahathir's War of Lies
5/11/99 Murad SD: When are Khalil & Othman's exposes agst Anwar?
5/11/99 Happy Deepavali!
5/11/99 Gus Dur's first visit as President: Welcome
5/11/99 UMNO MT decision: "Govt. within a govt"!
5/11/99 Mother-tongue use: Equally loyal/patriotic
4/11/99 Anwar CIA agent or CIA Anwar agent?
4/11/99 Unpaid loan arrears: Biggest culprits not Kelantan
4/11/99 Hospital privatisation shelved because of BA
4/11/99 Commission of inquiry to propose penal reforms
4/11/99 LLS - Disclose all on Soh Chee Wen allegations
4/11/99 Peacekeeping operation - respect ET feelings
3/11/99 Anwar's politics of money - Interrogate Rafidah Aziz
3/11/99 Blank Cheque by ACCCIM/FCAM
3/11/99 Bank Negara - "Den of Thieves"?
2/11/99 TV licences refund - Multimedia Ministry wrong!
2/11/99 Parliamentary discussion on Islamic state
2/11/99 Feb. date for new electoral roll: Shame EC!
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Restore citizenship for Lim Lian Geok
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Recognise Chinese schools' contribution to nation-building
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Special Task force on Bank Mergers
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
BA budget vs BN budget
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
The Sea of Debt
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Budget 2000 a 'feel good' budget
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Television licence abolition - BN adopts BA proposal
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
Can 650,000 new young voters vote in the next GE?
1/11/99 Parliament in session:
The ACA and Murad's statutory declaration on Anwar's 20 'Master Accounts'