11 DAP Parliamentary and State Assembly woman candidates sent protest to Liong Sik and demand that Dr. Sua Chong Keh be withdrawn as candidate in Seputeh

when visiting Seputeh parliamentary constituency in support of Teresa Kok
Lim Kit Siang 

(Kuala Lumpur,  Friday): Eleven  DAP Parliamentary and State Assembly woman candidates have sent a protest to MCA President, Datuk Seri Dr. Ling Liong Sik and demand that MCA candidate for Seputeh Dr. Sua Chong Keh should be withdrawn as a candidate for Sepueth for his offensive sexist remark about Teresa Kok and women in general.

Dr.Sua' had made a sexist attack on Teresa Kok, DAP candidate for Seputeh, when he said:  "I am a man so I stand. She is a woman so she squats."

Dr. Sua compounded his offensive and sexist attack on Teresa by giving a most grudging and insincere apology when a day earlier he refused to make any apology whatsoever.  However, Dr. Sua had refused to apologize personally to Teresa Kok, the subject of his sexist attack.

Voters of Seputeh must make clear on Nov. 29 that they find Dr. Sua's sexist attack and refusal to apologize to Teresa as completely unacceptable behaviour of a candidate for Parliamentary office and to vote decisively against him.

The 11 DAP Parliamentary and State Assembly woman candidates, through DAP Deputy Secretary-General Chong Eng, has sent a protest to Liong Sik demanding that Dr. Sua be withdrawn as a candidate for Seputeh.

Liong Sik should also apologize publicly for such a disastrous selection of a candidate like Dr. Sua, who seem to have another Ph.D., in this case meaning "partial head damage".

On Monday, all the women voters in Malaysia should stand up and teach Dr. Sua and the Barisan Nasional a lesson,  send a  clear message to the MCA and Barisan Nasional leadership that male chauvinists like Dr. Sua is a completely unacceptable candidate for Parliamentary office, by voting against the Barisan  Nasional in the tenth general election.


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP Secretary-General, Parliamentary Candidate for Bukit Bendera and State Assembly candidate for Kebun Bunga