Appeal to Sarawak voters to elect  all seven DAP Parliamentary candidates in case DAP is wiped out in  Peninsular Malaysia

Open Letter  to the Sarawak Voters
by Lim Kit Siang

(Sarawak,  Saturday): The DAP is fighting a "do or die" battle for democracy and justice in the tenth general election on Nov. 29, 1999.

DAP can win an unprecedented victory in the DAPís 33-year history, better than the 1986 general election when DAP won 24 parliamentary seats or suffer unprecedented defeat, even worse than the 1995 general election when the DAPís parliamentary representation was slashed from 20 to nine MPs.

The DAP is taking very great political risks in teaming up with PAS, KeADILan and PRM to form the Barisan Alternative - not because this is an opportunistic and indefensible alliance, but because it gave the Barisan Nasional with its virtual monopoly of the 3Ms of money, media and government machinery the opportunity to confuse,  mislead and scare the voters about the real issues at stake in the next general election.

The DAP will win unprecedented victory if Malaysian voters address the real issues at stake in the tenth general election - the restoration of justice, freedom, democracy and good governance by breaking the Barisan Nasional political hegemony and ending its uninterrupted two-thirds parliamentary majority.

The DAP will suffer unprecedented defeat, which may mark the end of the DAP, if the voters are confused,  misled and scared by the Barisan Nasional into believing that the central issues in the next election are  Islamic state,  May 13, economic recovery and whether to save Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad from being toppled as Prime Minister - which are the Barisan Nasionalís  four
"trump-cards" in the election campaign.

The eight-day snap general election campaign has seen how these four "trumps cards" had been deployed to make the general election the "dirtiest" in the nationís history - particularly in Peninsular Malaysia.

Two days before polling day, nobody can really predict whether the DAP will win big or lose big.

I appeal to the voters of Sarawak to elect all the seven DAP Parliamentary candidates in case DAP is wiped out in Peninsular Malaysia, so that the DAP has a new base to continue its struggle for justice, freedom, democracy and good governance in the new millennium.

The seven DAP candidates in Sarawak are:

If the DAP can win big in Peninsular Malaysia, then the Sarawak complement of seven DAP MPs would be able to make a great contribution to the historic task to smash the political hegemony of the Barisan Nasional and bring about a paradigm shift in Malaysian politics in the new millennium.

If the DAP loses big in Peninsular Malaysia or even wiped out, then  the seven Sarawak DAP MPs would have the historic mission to save DAP and take over the sacred battle for a new Malaysia where there is "Justice For All".

I find it very sad that Dominique Ng Kim Ho should be contesting as an independent candidate to spoil the DAPís chances for a major political breakthrough for democracy and justice in Malaysia for two reasons:

Be that as it may, the issue before the people of Kuching and Sarawak is now the bigger one as to whether they could elect all seven DAP parliamentary candidates to ensure that the DAP has a new base of operations in case DAP is wiped out in Peninsular Malaysia on Nov. 29, 1999.


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP Secretary-General, Parliamentary Candidate for Bukit Bendera and State Assembly candidate for Kebun Bunga