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March 2005

29/3/2005 No extension of PLUS NSE concession without parliamentary consultation and consent (versi B. Malaysia)
28/3/2005 Urgent motion - no 8-yr extension of NSE concession without Parliament consent
25/3/2005 8-yr extension of PLUS' NSE concession - refer to Parliament first
24/3/2005 ASEAN Chair 2006 should not go to Myanmar  (versi B. Malaysia)
24/3/2005 Best Malaysia Brand is for Abdullah to honour pledges
24/3/2005 Adverse effect of "929 Declaration" on inter-religious dialogue (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Malaysia should officially recognise International Mother Language Day  (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Verdict on first two years of Abdullah as PM may not be rosy (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Parliamt reform 1 year after - great disappointment  (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Param Cumaraswamy Royal Commission on Judicial Reform (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Corruption index - shame if Malaysia loses to Thailand (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 9MP - phase out subsidy mentality (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Building new Chinese primary schools - Mahathir cannot be more wrong (versi B. Malaysia)
19/3/2005 New Chinese primary schools - announce it in Royal Address on Monday
18/3/2005 Cabinet should not succumb to pressures from water companies
17/3/2005 9MP consultation - will it be more democratic than past 5-yr plans?
16/3/2005 Police - stay off Malaysian blogosphere
16/3/2005 National/Chinese primary schools - not zero-sum game
15/3/2005 Fallacy - Malaysia has two different education systems
14/3/2005 Chinese primary schools - new "sensitive" issue banned from public discussion?
12/3/2005 Bukit Cahaya scandal/farce - Commission of Inquiry into Selangor MB/PKNS/MBSA
8/3/2005 9MP - phase out subsidy mentality
1/3/2005 Balloons in KL as dangerous as bombs in Indonesia