Archive - July 2000 
31/7/2000 Anwar's  verdict: Let people gather peacefully
30/7/2000 Arms heists: Parliament irrelevant
29/7/2000 BA's time bombs
29/7/2000 Arms heists: Suspend all one-sided campaigns
28/7/2000 Arms heists and national unity
28/7/2000 Arms heists: Why no court martials?
27/7/2000 Arms heists "High Noon" - Army or Police version correct?
26/7/2000 Rais waiting for Eusoff's retirement as CJ?
25/7/2000 Arms heists: BA's worst crisis
25/7/2000 Arms heists: Zaini - stay clear of BN psy-war
24/7/2000 Arms heists: M should apologise to PAS
24/7/2000 Arms heists: Stop dribs-and-drabs info
24/7/2000 Arms heists: Educational needs of  Segadevan children 
23/7/2000 Arms Heists: No "White-Wash/Black Paper"
22/7/2000 Arms heists White Paper: M should not prejudge
21/7/2000 Arms heists: Moratorium on politicking
20/7/2000 KL cemetry: Samy resisted MCA arm-twisting
20/7/2000 Arms heists: M interview unbalanced, partisan, self-serving
19/7/2000 Malaysian govt. cobwebsites: World's No. 1.
19/7/2000 Arms heists: Army generals stay clear of party politics
19/7/2000 MCA Ministers only good at bullying MIC
19/7/2000 Arms heists: why delay in prosecution or court martial
18/7/2000 Eusoff Chin: Declare stand
18/7/2000 One MIC  better than 5 MCA/Gerakan Ministers
18/7/2000 Arms heists - creating fear to justify crackdown?
17/7/2000 Raja Simmasalam's death: Over to  Samy Vellu 
17/7/2000 API and 2006 Asian Games
17/7/2000 Arms heists - prelude to 2nd Ops Lalang?
16/7/2000 DOE cobwebsite
16/7/2000 Depoliticise Al-Ma'unah arms heists
15/7/2000 Haze back - Release API readings
15/7/2000 Death in Selayang "techno-wonder" hospital
15/7/2000 Arms heists inquiry - don't limit to military role
15/7/2000 Revise Judges' Code of Ethics
14/7/2000 Shafee's testimony: M should speak up
14/7/2000 Arms heists: All-party roundtable conference
14/7/2000 Arms heists: Salvage Parliament's credibility
13/7/2000 Arms heists: two army boards self-serving/unacceptable
13/7/2000 CJ deepened ethic crisis of judiciary
12/7/2000 NST's "Letter of the day"most dishonest, mischief and malice
12/7/2000 CJ's Ethics Code violations: No. of complaints 
12/7/2000 Arms heists: White Paper/Parliament debate Monday
12/7/2000 M & Al-Maunah: Stop play with fire
11/7/2000 Are there 3 BN MPs with guts?
11/7/2000 Al-Mauna Arms heists - Set up BN-BA Committee
10/7/2000 Arms heists: court martial whole chain of command
10/7/2000 Param's ruling - not good enough
9/7/2000 Arms heists in Parliament: No political football
8/7/2000 Parliament's jurassic "cobwebsite"
8/7/2000 ACA Zaki should be censured by Parliament if...
7/7/2000 Parliamentary Committee on Defence weaponry security
6/7/2000 Arms heists: Bukit Jenalik hole-up a decoy?
5/7/2000 Shadow MPPJ - Restore  local govt elections
5/7/2000 Arms heists: "PR" disaster
4/7/2000 Arms heists: Relieve Najib as Defence Minister
4/7/2000 5 preconditions for BN to be PRI of Mexico