(In reply to NST Letter Of The Day: Lessons from arms heist )

12th July 2000
New Straits Times,
Kuala Lumpur


My  attention has been drawn to NST "Letter of the day" (July 12, 2000) entitled "Lessons from arms heist" by Chairil Anuar, who wrote:

Since I have been targetted for attack by the  writer of the "Letter of the day", let me respond to his two questions directed specifically at me on the basis of the record of my media statements in the past few days, namely:

1.  DAP’s offer of co-operaiton to the ruling party

In my media statement yesterday (11th July 2000), calling for a "Joint Barisan Nasional -Barisan Alternative Committee"  to work out a bi-partisan national counter-strategy  to the Al-Mauna arms heists, I said:

I also said:

I do not need to quote at length as to what I meant by ‘not go overboard’ and ‘press panic buttons as to lose  proper perspective’, except the following conclusion:

I end my media statement yesterday thus:

2.  Condemnation and no condoning of Al-Mauna brutal crimes

The allegation that the DAP and I had condoned and not condemned the Al-Mauna crimes is pure  falsehood.

Immediately after the news reports of the end of the Al-Mauna arms heists, I said in my media statement dated 7th July 2000:

On 9th July, 2000, I  said:

On 10th July 2000, I said:

On 11th July, 2000, I said:

Those who are interested in my views can visit the websites http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/3939/ or http://www.malaysia.net/dap/enet.htm.

What is clear however, is that there could be  be no basis whatsoever for your "Letter of the day" to suggest that the DAP and I had not, at the earliest opportunity, condemned the Al-Mauna crimes or that the DAP had not offered our "hands in co-operation to the ruling party to jointly work towards ridding Malaysian society of elements such as the Al-Ma'unah and to realise a situation where such elements cannot breed".

Your "Letter of the day" is one of great dishonesty, mischief and malice and the NST and "Chairil Anuar" should have the decency to apologise for such a letter. I hope that you can publish my response in full  in the name of justice to put right the record.


Lim Kit Siang