Archive - August 2000 
31/8/2000 O N L I N E "MerdekaTALK with Kit Siang" - Transcript -
31/8/2000 M's Merdeka Day Message - not by PM but UMNO President
31/8/2000 M's Merdeka Day Message: Outrageous/Ominous
31/8/2000 Suspend EPF annuity schemes
30/8/2000 Sagadevan/Mathew - National Day honours
30/8/2000 ASSK standoff - another ASEAN "black eye"
30/8/2000 National Day Message: Political Leaders' Summit
30/8/2000 Suqiu - Liong Sik/Keng Yaik should apologise
29/8/2000 M - call off UMNO Youth Putrajaya Rally
28/8/2000 Malay rights - All-party roundtable conference
27/8/2000 Royal Commission: Marginalisation of Malaysian Indians
27/8/2000 Mohd Khir: Where is the "bloodshed" apology?
27/8/2000 IGP - explain police double-standards
27/8/2000 Emergency Cabinet meeting - salvage National Day
26/8/2000 Black National Day by UMNO Youth
26/8/2000 Teluk Intan by-election
25/8/2000 M's political/moral authority - all-time low
25/8/2000 PAS - ten good deeds wiped out by one proposal
24/8/2000 National Press Council - BN-BA draft bill
24/8/2000 Cabinet decision - indecisive, confused, bumbling
23/8/2000 UMNO Youth - creating crisis out of a vacuum
23/8/2000 Sanusi's charges: AG should explain why so long after
23/8/2000 National Day Parade: Shift from Shah Alam to KL
22/8/2000 UMNO Youth synthetic crisis: Cabinet should act
21/8/2000 Mahathir's "unmitigated disasters"
21/8/2000 Mohd Khir Toyo : Apologise for "bloodshed" statement
21/8/2000 UMNO Youth makes Merdeka Month meaningless
21/8/2000 UMNO Youth rampage - IGP should explain
20/8/2000 Abdullah - stop desperate /bankrupt UMNO leaders
19/8/2000 AG should explain to families why no murder charges
19/8/2000 UMNO Youth demo - unruly, abusive, gangsterish
18/8/2000 LKY highlights M's crisis of credibility
18/8/2000 Police arrest Mahathir for illegal demo?
17/8/2000 DAP's pulling out of BA does not arise...
17/8/2000 Top national agendas
17/8/2000 Arms heists White Paper: Govt backtracking?
16/8/2000 Rais' fictitious UN instrument
15/8/2000 Mahathir to declare "enemy states"?
14/8/2000 Foreign criticisms on Anwar's case: Bar Council stand
13/8/2000 Anwar's persecution: govt protests too much
12/8/2000 BA needs a new accord
12/8/2000 BA - DAP will walk the last mile
11/8/2000 M's comments on Anwar's trial improper and unbecoming
9/8/2000 Malaysia's international reputation in utter tatters
8/8/2000 Day of shame for justice and democracy
6/8/2000 Rais - Make public Visu memo on judicial reforms
5/8/2000 Let BA leaders defuse time-bombs
4/8/2000 Visu's victimisation/forced resignation
3/8/2000 "Double promotion" for Sagadevan and Mathew
3/8/2000 Visu Memo on Judicial Reforms
3/8/2000 Who is the arms heists hero - Zaini, Hadi or Razak?
2/8/2000 Anwar verdict: police-people incident-free co-operation
2/8/2000 Arms heists: ISA detention of 27 illegal
1/8/2000 Anwar verdict: new era for human rights
1/8/2000 Arms heists: Cabinet should overrule IGP and AG