Archive - February 2000 
29/2/2000 UTM student activism: Lift all restrictions
29/2/2000 Jamaludin Jarjis: Not gentleman
29/2/2000 Musa Mohamad: Don't join "rotten apples"
29/2/2000 UMNO democracy trampled
28/2/2000 IWK take-over: Let Parliament decide
28/2/2000 Justice for Amadou and Anwar
27/2/2000 Sexual harassment in Parliament - BA Agenda
27/2/2000 RM500 million from F1 Race - Details wanted
27/2/2000 Rais - monitor US human rights violations
26/2/2000 Make public 1997 ACA inquiry into Perwira-Ericsson
26/2/2000 No living wage but "golden handshakes"
26/2/2000 Mahadzir, Bung Moktar and Thong - Apologise for Sexual Harassment
25/2/2000 Sexist remarks against women MPs: PM should act
25/2/2000 UTM CNY ban: Musa Mohamad must step in
24/2/2000 Failed privatisation projects: Must people pay the price
24/2/2000 Dubious parliamentary "firsts"
24/2/2000 Moggie's monumental bungle in Parliament
23/2/2000 MAS grounding Boeing 747-400s?
23/2/2000 UTM ban on CNY exhibition
23/2/2000 OSA - protect high-level corruption
23/2/2000 Telekom kickback: Moggie withheld info from Parliament
22/2/2000 Mustapha - appointment without accountability
21/2/2000 Overhaul police  salary structure
21/2/2000 Telekom kickback: Moggie not serious
20/2/2000 Nik Aziz dialogue - Islam and a Just Malaysia
20/2/2000 ACA's Zaki: selective information
19/2/2000 Lowest police pay - Increase by 50%
19/2/2000 Myanmese junta: Hamid more reactionary than Dollah
19/2/2000 Licences for taxi drivers - Nazri commended
19/2/2000 Telekom kickback: DAP motion in Parliament
19/2/2000 New Parliament - A great letdown
18/2/2000 Interim re-protection for tenants of pre-war premises 
18/2/2000 MPs must not be treated like school-children
18/2/2000 Telekom kickback: Ask Japan govt's full co-operation 
17/2/2000 M - Expose myth that AG is independent
17/2/2000 Telekom kickback: BA demands RM10.6 m compensation
17/2/2000 Telekom kickback - LKS's letter to Mitsui Chairman
16/2/2000 Speaker exceeded powers/broken standing orders
16/2/2000 Telekom kickback: Table all Mitsui  papers to Parliament
15/2/2000 Parliamentary Business Standing Committee
15/2/2000 Wahid drives everybody crazy
15/2/2000 Telekom kickbacks: Independent inquiry and blacklist Mitsui and NEC Corp
14/2/2000 Mitsui's US$2.8 million kickback to Telekom Malaysia
14/2/2000 Parliamentary Code of Ethics for Ministers
13/2/2000 M - Implement UNCTAD X speech in Malaysia
13/2/2000 LKS - Soldier on for new Malaysia 
12/2/2000 Malaysian govt: Support Wahid and Indon democratisation
12/2/2000 Green/White Papers
12/2/2000 BA candidate for PAC Chairman
12/2/2000 LKS' political future - Two key questions 
11/2/2000 10% Civil service salary increase: Implement immediately
11/2/2000 PAC Chairman: BA MPs should protest
11/2/2000 Money to buy Gerakan Assemblymen: ACA should act
11/2/2000 Why updated 2000 Budget needed
10/2/2000 Send Ministerial team to UNCTAD X
10/2/2000 Malaysia Boleh and Ugly Malaysians
10/2/2000 BN - kenduri all the way
9/2/2000 Anti-hop law: DAP supports Gerakan
9/2/2000 BA to form shadow cabinet
9/2/2000 LKS - political future this weekend
8/2/2000 ASEAN-UN Summit: ASEAN's ET Peace-building initiative
7/2/2000 ACA - 30 months of Anti-Corruption Act
7/2/2000 AFFM - Put ET on agenda
6/2/2000 UNCTAD X - BA MPs excluded
5/2/2000 Rebuild ET: Malaysia-led ASEAN initiative
5/2/2000 Clob: Stop one-upmanship
4/2/2000 Karpal and "hanging" PM: DAP CEC to meet
4/2/2000 Abdullah: Major diplomatic faux pas
3/2/2000 M: Hanging Prime Minister?
3/2/2000 Wahid vs Wiranto
3/2/2000 LKS - Chinese New Year 2000 message
3/2/2000 Why M should have gone to Davos
2/2/2000 New transport minister before disaster strikes
2/2/2000 M's snub in Davos: Parliament should censure
2/2/2000 Whiter Paper on Revived Bakun
1/2/2000 M and Davos: Piqued not keynote speaker?
1/2/2000 M: Hang Karpal
1/2/2000 Police: stop running political errands
1/2/2000 Bakun revived/expanded to RM20 billion?