Mahathir should withdraw and apologise for his remark in London that he  would wish to hang lawyers like Karpal Singh

Media Statement
by Lim Kit Siang

(Penang, Thursday): The Star of 31.1.2000, reporting on Mahathirís  Sunday speech at Malaysia Hall in London,  touched on his reference to the issue of  Opposition politicians being charged for sedition.

Declaring that everyone was equal under the Malaysian law, Mahathir said:
"Even the King is not exempted if he beats up somebody. There is a peculiar thinking that Opposition lawyers should be an exception. Karpal Singh has said a lot of nasty things against us, he should have been charged long time ago."

But this was not shocking and outrageous enough.

On February 1, 2000, I issued a media statement that I have been informed that Mahathir had gone further in his speech when referring to Karpal, that he had also said that "he wished to hang Karpal but that was just his wish, he had no power to see it happen."

In response to this statement, an aide told the AFP that he was not aware that  the Prime Minister had made  such a statement.

There is now independent corroboration that Mahathir did speak of hanging lawyers like Karpal in his speech to Malaysian students in London Hall last Sunday.

The electronic media, malaysiakini, yesterday carried the third part of a report by a Malaysian student in London, Lee Tse Yin on Mahathirís speech at Malaysia Hall, confirming such a reference.  This is from Tse Yinís report, quoting verbatim Mahathirí speech:

With such independent corrobarative support, Mahathir should withdraw and apologise for such an reference, for this is clearly no joking matter when it could have a far-reaching bearing on Karpalís personal liberties and future, both political and professional.

Mahathir should put this matter right without any more ado, unless he wants to be known as the "hanging Prime Minister".


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP National Chairman