Archive - January1999

31/1/99 Liong Sik and KLIA rats
31/1/99 Nation-wide toll plazas protest a success
30/1/99 Nation-wide Toll Plazas Protests
30/1/99 Mahathir calls for world revolution
30/1/99 Ibrahim Ali's appointment: all judges/lawyers must protest
29/1/99 Toll:Keng Yaik shld apologise for his past
29/1/99 LGE suffering multiple ailments
29/1/99 Bernama credibility at stake
29/1/99 Highways Consultative Council
29/1/99 Anwar Inquiry: Add two more members
28/1/99 Numbered Swiss Accounts: PM's meaningless statement
28/1/99 100 toll plazas protests Sunday to proceed
28/1/99 Anwar inquiry - not beholden to AG
27/1/99 Law and Justice - Chasm
27/1/99 Anwar commission: Hold public hearings
27/1/99 Liong Sik and Ops Statik II
27/1/99 CAT to visit PLUS on Friday
27/1/99 "Prince of Egypt" -IT black-eye for Malaysia
26/1/99 IT: Cobweb mentality
26/1/99 Nation-wide protest at 100 toll plazas on Sunday
25/1/99 Anwar: AG violates prosecution policy
25/1/99 DAP and PAS
25/1/99 Appoint IT Minister
25/1/99 Tolls: Nation-wide protest on Sunday
24/1/99 Toll:Keng Yaik commended/criticised
24/1/99 Present White Paper on EPF RM10 billion losses
24/1/99 New Causeway bridge: M or D should explain
23/1/99 2/3 majority and justice
23/1/99 Wanted: New Road Safety Supremo
23/1/99 Samy Vellu invited to Anti-Unfair Toll Meeting
23/1/99 "Justice For Penang" - what govt.stand
23/1/99 Lift Capital Controls
22/1/99 Malaysia/Singapore: Stop media confrontation
22/1/99 PLUS - over RM1 billion toll a year
21/1/99 Road deaths: Time for new Transport Minister
21/1/99 Second Link 'White Elephant'
21/1/99 Appoint Norian Mai as IGP
20/1/99 JFA: Justice for Penang - Five proposals
20/1/99 Anwar's black eye: Stop abdicating responsibility
20/1/99 Mahathir -Hold immediate general election
20/1/99 Toll increase: Why the RM48 million difference?
19/1/99 AG should allow Anwar bail
19/1/99 "No Unfair New Toll/Increase" "No Compensation"
18/1/99 Selamat Hari Raya
18/1/99 Kit Siang to pay Mahathir 10 sen tomorrow
18/1/99 "No Toll Increase" Meeting of MPs/NGOs
17/1/99 JFA: Anwar writes to Guan Eng
17/1/99 Tolls increase: Samy Vellu shld give details
17/1/99 JFA: Freeze all toll increases/new tolls
16/1/99 AG - It's Hari Raya, let Anwar home with family
16/1/99 Anwar black-eye inquiry: M changing his mind?
16/1/99 Abdullah Badawi as PM?
15/1/99 JFA: Emergency Parliament on Anwar's injustice
14/1/99 JFA: AG should withdraw four corruption charges against Anwar
14/1/99 JFA - Police killing of BSN teller
13/1/99 JFA - Revive local council elections
13/1/99 A deadwood Cabinet
12/1/99 JFA - Voters' registration next month
12/1/99 Anwar's black eye public inquiry : Cabinet decide tomorrow
12/1/99 Abdullah Badawi - how to make his mark as DPM
12/1/99 Guan Eng/Anwar both lost 22 pounds
11/1/99 Anwar's black eye: Every Minister should declare stand
11/1/99 Abdullah Badawi: Five proposals
10/1/99 Abdullah to succeed Mahathir as PM?
10/1/99 Anwar's "black eye" - Two simple questions
9/1/99 ASSK to be put on trial?
9/1/99 Daim as second PM?
8/1/99 Questions Rahim Noor should answer
8/1/99 Royal Commission of Inquiry: Urgent Fax to PM
7/1/99 Rahim Noor's ignominous resignation
7/1/99 Public confidence:18-year low of Mahathir govt
6/1/99 PAP - Stop persecuting Chee Soon Juan
6/1/99 Bukit Aman: Sanctum of lawlessness and unaccountability
5/1/99 Anwar's "black eye"-AG's statement scandalous
5/1/99 Release Syed Husin Ali
5/1/99 MBf takeover - a feather in the cap?
5/1/99 What is "smart" in Smart Schools
4/1/99 Credit rating
3/1/99 No smart start for Smart Schools
2/1/99 ADIL's registration
1/1/99 Malaysia as UN Security Council Member