Archive - February 1999

28/2/99 Rahim Noor - No. 1 Liar
28/2/99 Chandra case: Najib to be questioned in Parliament
28/2/99 Dismantle Balakong toll plaza!
27/2/99 Seven Demands for Justice
27/2/99 Exposed - Berita Harian's self-concocted expose
27/2/99 IPU Conference in Brussels: DAP may send delegation
27/2/99 Chandra case: Najib should intervene
27/2/99 Paul Augustine: Grant Anwar bail
26/2/99 Prisond DG misled the DPM
26/2/99 Abdul Kadir: RM250 million defamation suit
26/2/99 Augustine Paul- co-operate with Royal Commission of Inquiry
25/2/99 "Justice for Penang" netted RM7.7 million for motorists
25/2/99 Augustine Paul: Remember his own injunction
25/2/99 Defamatory cartoons - two more RM250 million suits
25/2/99 Toll Increases: Completely unacceptable
25/2/99 Chandra: A darkening cloud
24/2/99 IT ISA detentions can scuttle MSC
24/2/99 LGE: Prison DG misled DPM?
24/2/99 DAP stays out of Sabah elections
23/2/99 Another two RM250 million defamation suits
23/2/99 Keep a date: Anti-toll rally 1.3.99
22/2/99 First ISA IT detention
22/2/99 Anti-Toll Rally 1.3.99:All MPs/SAs invited
22/2/99 LGE and DG Prisons
22/2/99 "A senior police officer" assaulted Anwar
21/2/99 DAP, PAS and Islamic State
21/2/99 LGE: Let him attend Parliament
20/2/99 Anti-toll rally at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall 1.3.99
20/2/99 Prisoners must be treated as human beings
19/2/99 Give Opposition/NGOs TV Channel
19/2/99 Judiciary - agents of injustice not dispensers of justice
19/2/99 RM200m to RM300m defamation suit against Utusan
18/2/99 Gag order - Mahathir afraid of Azizah?
18/2/99 Plus chairman invited to anti-toll rally
18/2/99 UM mega multi-million ringgit defamation on Tuesday
17/2/99 Liong Sik and KLIA
17/2/99 Anti-Toll Rally - Why Police take so long?
17/2/99 Mahathir: Stop irresponsible politicking
16/2/99 Prison reforms: Top item for Parliament
16/2/99 Reduce tolls to fight high accident rate
16/2/99 Toll: Challenge to Samy Vellu
16/2/99 Call Mahathir as witness
15/2/99 Toll: Keng Yaik a great disappointment
15/2/99 Dissolve Cabinet Committee on Road Safety - Defunct and irrelevant
15/2/99 LGE: Writing sprawling on cement floor
15/2/99 Police: Uphold Rukunegara/Give Permit for Anti-Toll Rally
14/2/99 Rabbit Year - out of the woods?
14/2/99 Where is Liong Sik gone?
14/2/99 LKS's suit against Abdul Kadir
14/2/99 People's Charter Against Unfair Toll
13/2/99 Why Samy Vellu should resign
13/2/99 Toll:CAT campaign in Minister's constituencies
13/2/99 Mega defamation suit against Utusan
13/2/99 No Happy CNY for Liong Sik
12/2/99 Anti-toll rally: galaxy of speakers
12/2/99 Shoot-outs: DAP reject Police claim
12/2/99 MCA and DAP turncoats
12/2/99 LGE rebuts Abdul Kadir
11/2/99 Prison Reforms date in Parliament - 3/3/99
11/2/99 PLUS' "divide-and-rule"
11/2/99 Liong Sik and road carnage
11/2/99 JE - Lift gag order
11/2/99 Register PSM and ADIL
10/2/99 Anwar's black-eye - Mahathir should apologise
10/2/99 New IGP/Police Ombudsman
10/2/99 Islamic State issue - Kit Siang's reply blacked out
10/2/99 Prison reforms - meeting at Parliament
10/2/99 Mammoth Anti-Toll Rally: CAT books Stadium
9/2/99 LGE - LKS to meet Abdullah Badawi
9/2/99 Mahathir's London speech: Four implications
9/2/99 Liong Sik and Islamic State
8/2/99 Kajang prisoner bears testimony for LGE
8/2/99 Anwar's counsel at Inquiry shld question witnesses
8/2/99 Stadium Bukit Jalil: Mass Protest Rally Agst Toll
8/2/99 Malaysian prisons violate international standards
7/2/99 Denial Syndrome in 20-month economic crisis
7/2/99 Jalan Kuchong Toll: RM250 million injustice
6/2/99 Anwar Inquiry: Parl. Opp. to send observer
6/2/99 LKS very worried about LGE's health
6/2/99 Jalan Kuching toll: Colossal profits for Kamunting
6/2/99 LGE: Let private specialists examine him in prison
6/2/99 JFA: Second Inquiry Commission into police shoot-outs
5/2/99 JFP: Subang for most Penang-based MAS flights
5/2/99 Exit tax - cautious, reserved and negative reactions
5/2/99 LKS stands by every word - Reply to Kadir on LGE
5/2/99 JFA: Grant PR to all foreign spouses
4/2/99 Second CAT action - Anti-Toll Protest Meetings
4/2/99 Live Telecast: "Black Eye" Commission of Inquiry
3/2/99 Guan Eng replies to Anwar
3/2/99 Make Jalan Kuching toll-free
3/2/99 Abu Talib and Yeoh Poh Hong
2/2/99 Jln Kuching - stop 50-sen toll
1/2/99 Abdullah as Mr. Clean
1/2/99 7th Malaysia Plan Mid-Term Review
1/2/99 EPF take over North-South Expressway
1/2/99 JFA: Penang in forefront
1/2/99 Anwar Inquiry: Should Dr. Yeoh Poh Hong decline?
1/2/99 Nation-wide Toll Plazas protest next Sunday
1/2/99 LGE's deteriorating health