Archive - November 1999

31/10/99RM50 mil tv licence refund: ensure minimum hassle
31/10/99 ACA's Zaki on Anwar: Invited to DAP forum tomorrow
30/10/99 Islamic State: DAP will pull out if...
30/10/99Budget 2000: Daim fails first test
29/10/99 RCM - corruption allegations D,AI,M (DAIM)
29/10/99 Hadi's bill: LKS replies to Liong Sik
29/10/99 Corruption: Keng Yaik's double-standard
28/10/99 Formula One levy: Why compel State govts to pay
28/10/99 Virus of Lies afflicts MCA and Wanita MCA
28/10/99 2000 Budget: Creating Bubble Economy?
28/10/99 Daim should not present 2000 budget unless...
27/10/99 Malaysia's poor corruption record
27/10/99 Election Commission involved in 'dirtiest' election campaign?
26/10/99 RM1b special allocation for Chinese schools
26/10/99 Indonesia's democratic reforms
26/10/99 Discipline MCA MP who defended use of insulting term
25/10/99 Chinese fear of an Islamic State - self-fulfilling?
24/10/99 BA Manifesto: Not to share spoils of power
23/10/99 Ministerial Integrity: Credit to Anwar
23/10/99 Headmasters' Rally to support M and BN: Improper
23/10/99 BA Common Manifesto launch tomorrow
22/10/99 Two-third majority: Mahathir no confidence
22/10/99 Rent decontrol: Call for emergency Penang Assembly meeting
22/10/99 Auditor-General - independence compromised?
22/10/99 Religion in i/c: Suspend until after election
22/10/99 Wahid-Megawati: triump of forces of reform
22/10/99 2000 Budget an election budget
21/10/99 Congrats - Gus Dur as Indon President
21/10/99 Election Commission: Don't play politics
21/10/99 Rent Control: Tsu Koon lets down tenants
21/10/99 Multi-tier bank system: Bank Negara's stand?
20/10/99 Auditor-General: special audit on PM's pre-election tour
20/10/99 "Angel, Tiger and Dog" in Dewan Rakyat
19/10/99 Election next year?
19/10/99 Two walkouts of the Dewan Rakyat in one day
19/10/99 DAP MPs staged a walkout of Dewan Rakyat
19/10/99 Reform Agenda for the new Parliament
18/10/99 MCA & Gerakan Ministers/MPs failed tenants of pre-war premises
18/10/99 26 conscientious and responsible BN MPs needed
17/10/99 Musa Hitam Fair Election Commission
16/10/99 Student punished for "constructive engagement"
16/10/99 Hishammuddin's challenge
16/10/99 Datuk Sim Moh Yu
15/10/99 Rent Control Repeal: Five-year extension
15/10/99 DAP opposes Hadi's apostasy bill
15/10/99 Special Task Force on Malaysian Financial Services Sector
14/10/99 DAP/PAS co-operation: Why DAP taking great risks
14/10/99 82 Hua Tuan proposals - MCA stand?
14/10/99 May 13 issue: DAP's two proposals
14/10/99 Bank merger: White Paper
13/10/99 IGP cowed by Ibrahim Ali?
13/10/99 Hua Tuan Appeals: MCA/Gerakan con-game
13/10/99 "Patriotic" graduates: Do they know right and wrong?
13/10/99 Bank Merger - Mustapha dumb-struck
12/10/99 Parliament: Substantive motion on judges
12/10/99 Keng Yaik: Why so afraid of Penang?
12/10/99 Bank Negara: Feet of Clay
11/10/99 Season of lies/falsehoods
11/10/99 Mahathir wants Anti-Karpal Act
11/10/99 Religion in I/C: Retrogressive
10/10/99 UMNO's campaign of lies against Opposition
10/10/99 Contempt of Court Act: M's sudden conversion
10/10/99 AG: Charge UMNO for contempt/sedition
9/10/99 "Dirtiest" election: Utusan Malaysia's role
9/10/99 BN Jekyll and Hyde
8/10/99 Election Commission: First test of independence
7/10/99 MCA/Gerakan supremely confident of election
7/10/99 Kill Aziz: Police to act against M's false charge?
6/10/99 MCA/Gerakan's "dirtiest" election in history
6/10/99 Four Anwar reports on corruption: Not false?
6/10/99 Anwar poisoning: Melbourne Gribbles report false?
5/10/99 Malaysian journalists - six days to redeem honour
5/10/99 Mahathir: Step down temporarily as PM
5/10/99 Anwar's poisoning: Century's political mystery
4/10/99 Contempt to criticise judges?
4/10/99 Liong Sik/Nik Aziz:Who is right?
4/10/99 Anwar no poisoning: Why so much skepticism
3/10/99 Ibrahim Ali - one-eyed political frog
3/10/99 Anwar assets: Why M took one year to remember?
2/10/99 Parliament dissolved before Oct. 18?
2/10/99 IGP meeting Opposition leaders: When?
2/10/99 Zero-police trigger happy shooting
2/10/99 Anti-Anwar witch-hunt in civil service?
1/10/99 PSM's rejection: ominous for democracy
1/10/99 Nipah victims - again victims of blackmail politics
1/10/99 Ban lawyers from politics
1/10/99 East Timor: Mahathir vs Howard