Archive - July 2005  

31/7/2005 Special Cabinet meeting on APs - MITI 2004 List not comprehensive
31/7/2005 NEP revival - don't make same blunder as "929 Declaration"
30/7/2005 Should VW buy 30% Proton - Call for public debate
30/7/2005 Mahathir's AP charges - If Rafidah cannot rebut, resign or be sacked
30/7/2005 Revive NEP - MCA/Gerakan criticise outside but support inside BN
28/7/2005 Under-declare value of imported cars - revoke APs
28/7/2005 Meeting with PM on APs, Proton and government transparency
28/7/2005 Bogus varsities - JPA/Higher Education Ministry officials should be suspended
28/7/2005 Bogus Universities - clarification from Akamai University
27/7/2005 Parliamentary Roundtable on APs and right to information
27/7/2005 International Conference on Democracy in Burma for East and West
27/7/2005 APs - Release past lists, including when Mahathir was Trade/Industry Minister 1978-1981
27/7/2005 RM28 million bogus varsities scam - heads must roll
26/7/2005 Myanmar out of ASEAN Chair 2006 - no cause for celebration
26/7/2005 UM VC - end Gomez witch-hunt against Rosli Mahat
26/7/2005 Myanmar as ASEAN Chair 2006 - No quid pro quo to be "three monkeys"
26/7/2005 RM10 million "bogus universities" scam - Higher Education Ministry and JPA involved
25/7/2005 NEP2 - Honour "Fair to all" pledge
25/7/2005 APs scandal - call for Parliamentary Select Committee on MITI
24/7/2005 No ASEAN Chair for Myanmar without democratisation
24/7/2005 APs - Rafidah cannot convince UMNO delegates and public
23/7/2005 30% bumiputra equity - not "be-all/end-all" target of NEP
22/7/2005 NEP2 - hold down progress of Malays and Malaysia
22/7/2005 APs scandal - Rafidah must apologise to 26 million Malaysians
22/7/2005 LKS to ACA on Osu Sukam - Don't waste my time
21/7/2005 LKS very impressed with Abdullah's anti-corruption speech
21/7/2005 APs - Don't cry for me, Malaysia
20/7/2005 Rafidah - make public 18 years of APs holders
19/7/2005 Flabbergasted/mind-boggling - RM2 billion APs for one year only
19/7/2005 PSCI OPVs privatisation scandal - Shahrir gives half picture
19/7/2005 APs list - turning point in Pak Lah's anti-corruption battle?
18/7/2005 CSMU medical degrees - MMC/Cabinet should review derecognition
18/7/2005 Three Tests-will UMNO Support Pak Lah?
18/7/2005 Money Politics - investigate new allegations against 15 UMNO leaders
17/7/2005 Shafie must be Higher Education Minister for all Malaysians
16/7/2005 Patto Centre for Democracy, Justice and Integrity
16/7/2005 UMNO and PAS - Stop "Islamic State" competition
15/7/2005 Money Politics - investigate new allegations against 15 UMNO leaders
14/7/2005 Full APs list - announce at UMNO General Assembly next week
14/7/2005 Osu sukam - RM10 cut motion against ACA Zulkipli in October Parliament
13/7/2005 Osu Sukam - ACA "a paper tiger"?
13/7/2005 Kafir" and "kafir states" - stop mischief of UMNO MPs
11/7/2005 David - a giant of a warrior for justice and freedom
11/7/2005 Osu Sukam's RM158.7 million gambling spree in one
10/7/2005 Proton/APs issues not settled - not just between Mahathir/Rafidah
09/7/2005 RM28 million Osu Sukam casino debts - failure of national integrity system
09/7/2005 Najib supports Select Committees for National Integrity/Information Technology
08/7/2005 Rafidah - her days as MITI Minister numbered
07/7/2005 Great AP irony - Mahathir advocates/Abdullah opposes transparency
07/7/2005 UKM not ready - UPM should enrol 60 students for aerospace engineering
06/7/2005 Rafidah ending long political career under a cloud?
06/7/2005 Proton war Mahathir/Mahaleel vs Rafidah/Board - Parliament debate
05/7/2005 Police reform - Cabinet Ministers have not got the PM's message
01/7/2005 Chia Kwang Chye - apologist for ISA abuses, past and present
01/7/2005 CSMU degrees - Parl Roundtable (4) conferees want to meet Health Minister
01/7/2005 Hilmi shoud be promoted Deputy Finance Minister