Archive - December 2004  

31/12/2004 Grimmest New Year - Political Parties, NGOs and civil society Summit
30/12/2004 DAP MPs' RM6 million for tsunami victims in Malaysia, Aceh, Sri Lanka - PM approval sought
30/12/2004 Double-whammy Aceh - appoint Minister especially to mobilise immediate relief
30/12/2004 DAP calls for public inquiry into avoidable tsunami deaths
29/12/2004 Special Parliament in mid-Jan - debate tsunami disaster
28/12/2004 Tsunami and NSE toll hike - top Cabinet agenda tomorrow
28/12/2004 DAP proposes RM6 million from 12 DAP MPs' allocations for tsunami disaster
27/12/2004 Tsunami early warning system
26/12/2004 Is special sitting of Parliament on Jan. 17/18 unconstitutional?
26/12/2004 10% NSE toll hike - 3 reasons why Cabinet should rescind approval
26/12/2004 PLUS collected over RM12 billion in NSE toll - Highways Consultative Council
24/12/2004 Exercise e-democracy - use internet to oppose 10% NSE toll hike
24/12/2004 Xmas message - re-establish Inter-Religious Council
24/12/2004 MSC - why Malaysia lagged behind Banglore, S.Korea and even Dubai Internet City?
24/12/2004 Another Thaksin fiasco - DAP ponders Parliament motion against Thai PM
24/12/2004 NSE toll hike - Pak Lah should not disappoint 25 million Malaysians
23/12/2004 Thai militants - Parliament wants Thaksin to produce photo evidence
23/12/2004 NSE toll hike - Time for CSR by PLUS star-studded Board of Directors
22/12/2004 Sunday's Anti-Unfair NSE Toll Hike protests - BN MPs/leaders/youth wings/members invited
21/12/2004 Thaksin sabotage - Burmese democracy and ASSK's freedom
21/12/2004 10% NSE toll hike - why cannot defer 2 mths when it was deferred 3 mths in 1999?
20/12/2004 10% NSE toll hike - Abdullah should from New Delhi order deferment
19/12/2004 Thaksin - major diplomatic faux pax or gross folly
18/12/2004 PLUS' NSE - extended another 8 yrs to become 50-yr concession?
18/12/2004 Coalition Against Unfair Toll Increase (CAUTI) meeting in Parliament on Monday
18/12/2004 10% NSE toll hike - urgent fax to PLUS Chairman
17/12/2004 Coalition Against Unfair Toll headed by MP (Sri Gading) for all MPs, NGOs, civil society
17/12/2004 2-mth deferment of NSE toll hike - free DAP legal/consultancy services tp Samy and Cabinet
16/12/2004 Samy irresponsible - after signging away NSE "cash cow" to UEM/PLUS
16/12/2004 TIMSS 2003 maths/science survey - Hishammuddin should not be easily pleased
15/12/2004 Cancel 10% NSE toll hike - unanimous objection from MPs
15/12/2004 Fact-finding visits to Kamunting/Simpang Rengam detention centres - MPs Cacus on human rights
14/12/2004 RM1.2 billion - RM3.6 billion PMC fees under 8th Plan?
14/12/2004 4,290 NS dodgers - suspend all prosecutilon until Select Committee report / Khidmat Negara - Hentikan semua dakwaan sehingga laporan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas dikemukakan
14/12/2004 Auditor-General's 2003 Reportfor 12 States - Withdrawal unconstitutional
14/12/2004 Is Constitution Amendment Bill on water improper/unconstitutional?
14/12/2004 A new breed of BN Ministers and MPs?
12/12/2004 Int Anti-Corruption Day, World Human Rights Day and Int Mother Language Day - official recognition
12/12/2004 Justice Siti Norma, bypassed 3 times, should be appointed Chief Judge of Malaya
11/12/2004 Parliamentary caucus on human rights - first job, Kamunting Detention Centre "riot"
10/12/2004 RM30 million Sports Trust Fund - what is there to hide?
10/12/2004 Special sitting of Parliament next month - Radzi owes all MPs an apology
10/12/2004 Two motions on Burma rejected - Speaker should discard obsolete attitudes
9/12/2004 Selangor Sultan capping of 22 Datukships - Shabas!
8/12/2004 National Broadband Plan Version 2 -table in Parliament
8/12/2004 "Vast majority" of Malaysians English-speaking - "Learn English" campaign
8/12/2004 US warning to boycott ASEAN when Myanmar takes Chair for 2006
7/12/2004 Anwar the cause for Malaysia boycott of Inter-Religious Dialogue in Yogyakarta?
7/12/2004 Urgent fax to PM before Cabinet tomorrow on five pressing issues
6/12/2004 Serious allegations of corruption in police promotion exercises
6/12/2004 Speaker adopts undemocratic "pre-emptive strike" mentality
4/12/2004 UMNO money politics - UMNO Disciplinary Board can be prosecuted for obstruction of justice
4/12/2004 "Triple Chair" of NAM, OIC and ASEAN - Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs
3/12/2004 Najib is wrong - UMNO not above the law concerning money politics
3/12/2004 Why Thaksin blocked strong ASEAN statement on Myanmar at Vientiane Summit?
2/12/2004 ACA and UMNO money politics - like the traditional three monkeys
1/12/2004 3-5 Malaysian universities among world's top 50 by 2008 / Universiti Malaysia antara 50 universiti terbaik di dunia pada 2008?
1/12/2004 ASSK's release - ASEAN Parliamentarians should endorse Annan's call