Archive - May  2002

31/5/2002 LLS - corruption offence entailing 10 yrs' jail, RM100,000 fine or both?
31/5/2002 Varsity intake - replace quota with 75% merit 25% needs system
31/5/2002 Tsu Koon/Hilmi invited to DAP forum on PORR on Sunday
30/5/2002 English - one sitting for every Parliament/State Assembly meeting
30/5/2002 M meets Pope - not epochal global event but important Malaysian development
30/5/2002 Unfair meritocracy mockery of 10-year Education Development Blueprint
29/5/2002 Suhakam should submit special report on AI Report on Malaysia
28/5/2002 Too Joon Hing - Malaysian patriot and nationalist par excellence
28/5/2002 Suhakam - All MPs should apologise for dereliction of duty
28/5/2002 PORR - pay toll from one congestion to another for 25 yrs
28/5/2002 Cabinet - discuss Rais' 21 "high profile" CBT cases
27/5/2002 PORR - creating Midas at the cost of 30-year toll on Penangites
27/5/2002 Diploma holders - DAP offers free service to sue govt
26/5/2002 Call for all-party support for Mahathir-Pope meeting/Malaysia-Vatican diplomatic relations
25/5/2002 Rejection of diploma holders - Sue Hon Choon Kim
25/5/2002 Suhakam compromised and repudiated its original ISA stand
25/5/2002 White Paper - status of investigations into all high-profile cases
24/5/2002 Lame Duck' outgoing/incoming MCA President
23/5/2002 2002/2003 university intake - 77.6% bumiputra, 19% Chinese, 3.4% Indians
23/5/2002 All-party committee on 10-year Education Development Blueprint
23/5/2002 Tan Tiong Hong's ridiculous claim
23/5/2002 Junior colleges for all pre-U students for a common entrance exam 
23/5/2002 ISA inquiry of reformasi six : Suhakam dishonours undertaking 
22/5/2002 Abu Talib - point-man for human rights after being 14-year  point-man against human rights? 
22/5/2002 Common university entrance exam - every Minister should declare stand
22/5/2002 Hassan Said invited to DAP forum tomorrow to explain meritocracy system
21/5/2002 Low percentage of Indian Indian students face - "political trap" and not "meritocracy trap"
21/5/2002 TV1, 2 and 3 should re-telecast CNN Q&A with Mahathir
21/5/2002 Urgent E-mails to Ministers - undo double wrongs of unfair meritocracy
20/5/2002 Last chance for justice for 31,572 varsity 'rejects'
19/5/2002 Unfair meritocracy system: apples, oranges and pears
19/5/2002 Seven tests for Suhakam
19/5/2002 Sub-Cabinet task force on teaching maths/science in English in Chinese schools
19/5/2002 The "final objective" of the 929 Declaration - full-fledged Islamic State
18/5/2002 Suhakam top priority - restore confidence of NGOs and civil society
18/5/2002 Make pass in English compulsory for SPM/STPM/matriculation
18/5/2002 Keng Yaik - remain true to 32 years' beliefs and support "No to 929" campaign
17/5/2002 Suhakam backing down from its ISA condemnation?
17/5/2002 US Congressmen "naive and gullible"?
17/5/2002 Musa - cancel or delay overseas trip tomorrow until varsity controversy ends
17/5/2002 General election may come earlier than expected
16/5/2002 Mahathir - why only admit al Qaeda presence in Malaysia in White House?
16/5/2002 Expand university intake by another 12,000 places
15/5/2002 DAP calls for common university entrance examination
15/5/2002 Suhakam - Salleh dropped because NCR land inquiry report?
14/5/2002 Mahathir should tell Bush to revoke US "unsigning" of ICC treaty
14/5/2002 Suhakam - outcome of inquiry into UTM campus election abuses?
14/5/2002 Musa's lapse of Ministerial responsibility - 6-day inability to explain meritocracy
14/5/2002 Teach maths and science in English - cure worse than disease
13/5/2002 I do "shiver in fear" about next election - not for DAP but for Malaysia
13/5/2002 Merit-based varsity selection system without merit?
12/5/2002 "Crushing defeat" for DAP - first step to implement "929" declaration
12/5/2002 Call for "No to 911, No to 929, Yes to 1957" Support Groups
12/5/2002 Merit-based varsity entry system - comparing an apple with an orange?
11/5/2002 Merit varsity selection - DAP seeks meeting with Higher Education Dept
11/5/2002 Will Gerakan launch a "8502" poster campaign against Mahathir?
11/5/2002 DAP calls for all-party committee to check decline of English standard
11/5/2002 "No to 911, No to 929, Yes to 1957" people's awareness campaign
10/5/2002 Harun Hashim's two startling statements to concretise Mahathir's 929 declaration
10/5/2002 Something very "fishy" about the new electoral constituency redelineation exercise
10/5/2002 University quotas - time to consider abolition
9/5/2002 Mahathir and Bush: war on terrorism should not become war against democracy
9/5/2002 Call off Ops Warta II or it will become Ops Summons Service/Ops Face-saving
8/5/2002 MCA cannot defend 1957 Constitution as it cannot even defend MCA Constitution
8/5/2002 Mahathir - release reformasi six before US visit
8/5/2002 Tsu Koon - be first BN leader to say 929 declaration "illegal, unconstitutional"
7/5/2002 Reforms to make Parliament fit for 21st century
7/5/2002 Parliament's failure one cause for Suhakam crisis of confidence
7/5/2002 Ops Warta II - AG should advise Cabinet tomorrow to call it off
7/5/2002 "929" - 99 per cent of people don't know its meaning or importance
6/5/2002 DAP welcomes Aung San Suu Kyi's release
6/5/2002 Cabinet - decide whether it only wants Suhakam as alibi institution
6/5/2002 "No to 911, No to 929" public awareness campaign
4/5/2002 ASEAN govts - join international call for ASSK's release
4/5/2002 Ops Warta II - police should not take law into its own hands
4/5/2002 Suhakam rates "E-" for press freedom
3/5/2002 Suhakam - form 5th Working Group on Press Freedom
2/5/2002 Abu Talib - standing by previous Suhakam reports of freedom of assembly?
2/5/2002 Abdullah - don't allow police state/put off Ops Warta II
1/5/2002 May Day police brutality - test case for Abu Talib and new  Suhakam
1/5/2002 Hamid Albar - illegally withholding/censoring Suhakam report