DAP calls for the introduction of junior colleges for all pre-university students to prepare for a common university entrance examination

Media Statement
by Lim Kit Siang

(Petaling Jaya,  Thursday)The MCA Ministers are the biggest disappointment in the last two Cabinet meetings as they have failed to raise and rectify the multiple injustices  of the unfair and unprofessional merit-based university selection system this year with the rejection of applicants who deserve places in public universities and the absurd formula used to match the matriculation results and STPM grades.  

It is clear that the MCA Ministers are too pre-occupied with MCA affairs to be able to address the people’s issues and problems, as in the past two weeks of nation-wide furore over the unfair and unprofessional system of meritocracy,  no MCA Minister had  spoken up  to demand that more public university places should immediately  be allocated to deserving students who had been issued with rejection notices, or that the formula used to match the two completely different examinations of matriculation and STPM is unfair and unacceptable, or that there should be a common university entrance examination for all Malaysian pre-university students. 

The MCA Ministers have also been unable to get the Cabinet to address the great injustice  suffered by the tens of thousands of diploma holders whose application for university admissions were not even considered, although this was the successful route for some 5,000 diploma holders last year  to continue to first-degree university courses.  

It is a grave matter of concern that at a time when there are increasing calls by enlightened Malay academicians and intellectuals for a common university entrance examination to end the suspicions and distrust engendered in a plural society  by an unfair matching system of completely different pre-university examinations, MCA Ministers have shown no support or even interest in such proposals.  

DAP calls on all Ministers to give serious consideration to the introduction of  junior colleges  for all pre-university students to prepare for a common university entrance examination in the interests of meritocracy and national unity.  


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP National Chairman