Archive - August 2002


31/8/2002 DAP calls for nation-wide "ghost-busters" campaign
30/8/2002 Unanimous Parliamentary 45th National Day Resolution
30/8/2002 Malaysia among countries with high levels of perceived corruption
30/8/2002 MSC - losing out not only to Spore and Hong Kong, but also Dubai
30/8/2002 Zainuddin should withdraw and apologise for his baseless attack on DAP
29/8/2002 UMNO-PAS "out-Islam" contest - constitutional/human rights implications
29/8/2002 Amend constitution - review education system every ten years
28/8/2002 PKN - stop dilly-dallying in opposing PAS/UMNO Islamic State and PAS hudud
27/8/2002 7,000 studying in Spore - restore some 100 English-medium schools
27/8/2002 National Consultative Council for Private Education for excellence in private colleges
27/8/2002 Penang UMNO-Gerakan fracas - over English teaching and failure of MSC/MDC
26/8/2002 Suhakam - wasting RM5 million a year failing to protect and promote human rights?
26/8/2002 Parliament "English Day" - where MPs can use English fully and freely
24/8/2002 Tragedy if Mahathir relies on Utusan to learn what Malaysian Chinese want
23/8/2002 YTL corruption in UK? Parliament should debate on Sept 9
23/8/2002 Maths Olympiads - Malaysians scoring only 1 or 0 out of 42 points!
22/8/2002 Haze and Asian Brown Cloud - Mahathir should go to Johannesburg
22/8/2002 2002 redelination more unfair than the two previous exercises
21/8/2002 Maths/science - Malaysia's poor international standing
21/8/2002 Mahahtir's visit to Myanmar a great disappointment
21/8/2002 English language issue - turn "crisis" into nation-building "opportunity"
21/8/2002 Govt/Parliament/NGOs - express grave concern at Nigerian sentence to death by stoning
20/8/2002 Ezam's OSA conviction - Suhakam should not behave like Three Monkeys
20/8/2002 Teaching English issue - 15 BN parties should salvage 45th National Day
19/8/2002 Fourth Police Arrests - DAP emails Norian Mai
18/8/2002 Malaysia must aim for gold medals in the five International Science Olympiads
18/8/2002 Cabinet - Convene national summit of political parties/educationists
18/8/2002 Police arrests - once accident, twice coincidence, thrice enemy action, fourth time...
18/8/2002 Cabinet - suspend "half-baked" proposal on English teaching in Std. One
17/8/2002 Amend Education Development Blueprint to become maths/science power-house
17/8/2002 M's attack on DJZ in Terengganu - most unfair/unwarranted
16/8/2002 2002 redelineation - DAP to challenge its constitutionality if "one man, one vote" principle abandoned
16/8/2002 DAP calls for White Paper on TIMSS 1999-Malaysia report
15/8/2002 Teaching in English - Let 45th National Day mark new consensus not new disunity
14/8/2002 Malaysia to follow footsteps of Singapore or S.Africa - first and last in TIMMS 1999?
14/8/2002 Redelineation questions which ElectionCommission must answer publicly
13/8/2002 Musa - table motion in Parliament on 10-year Education Development Blueprint
13/8/2002 Is Muhyiddin suggesting emulating Singapore example of English-medium schools?
13/8/2002 Revamp the entire pre-IT mentality and mind-set in top echelons of government
13/8/2002 EC violates redelineation principles - Selangor should have most seats not Johore
12/8/2002 Musa - release details of TIMSS-1999 for Malaysian students
12/8/2002 Redelineation - one Putrajaya vote equals to 1,061 Johore Bahru votes
12/8/2002 Teaching in English controversy - ISA threat most deplorable
11/8/2002 No justification to engineer another Operation Lalang
11/8/2002 Norian Mai - issue directive to all police units to stop harassing "No to 929" campaign
10/8/2002 Teach maths and science in English from Std. One - will it impede "thinking skills"?
10/8/2002 DAP launches "Restore Chinese education freehold status" movement
10/8/2002 Kerk Choo Ting supports arrests of DAP leaders over "929" campaign?
10/8/2002 Ezam's conviction - Parliament's first duty
9/8/2002 White Paper on KMM, Jemaah Islamiyah and Malaysia's role in war against terrorism
9/8/2002 Police - create crime-free environment and not harass Opposition
9/8/2002 Five educational questions for Abdul Rafie
8/8/2002 Prerogative claim of CJ anachronistic
8/8/2002 Suhakam - monitor Bentong police violation of human rights on Sunday
8/8/2002 Increase English proficiency in Chinese/Tamil schools - four proposals
7/8/2002 Ezam's conviction - corruption no crime in Malaysia, only exposing corruption
7/8/2002 Release K-economy Master Plan or MICT 2002 international embarrassment
7/8/2002 Double, treble, even quadruple teaching hours for English for Chinese/Tamil schools
6/8/2002 Email to Abdullah - six steps to defuse controversy over English use
6/8/2002 EC's proposed enforcement unit - can it stop BN's 3M abuses?
6/8/2002 NUTP Siva Subramaniam's somersault
6/8/2002 Harun attacking raison d'etre of Suhakam ISA inquiry
5/8/2002 Nathan-Sri Ram spat not Dzaiddin's top priority
4/8/2002 Suhakam - hold inquiry into police harassment of "No to 929" campaign
4/8/2002 English to teach maths/science - Musa should present convincing case to public
4/8/2002 Fong Po Kuan's arrest: Query to Abdullah - Has Malaysia become Police State
4/8/2002 Use of English to teach maths/science: BN leaders turning it into "political football"
3/8/2002 Reformasi Six - appear before resumed Harun Suhakam Inquiry on ISA
3/8/2002 Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia - no to Islamic state
3/8/2002 Maths/Science - Chinese primary schools had higher pass rates than English primary schools in the past 
2/8/2002 PAS model of Saudi Arabia/Sudan for Malaysia totally unsuitable
2/8/2002 Don't mar National Day celebrations as happened two years ago
1/8/2002 Mahathir - from White House persona non grata to near ally