May 2001
31/5/2001 Opposing MCA takeover of Nanyang Siang Pau - DAP offers co-operation
31/5/2001 Hishamudin judgment must prevail over Paul Augustine judgement for sake of human rights
30/5/2001 K-economy: Re-education for Cabinet Ministers
30/5/2001 Gobala/Ghani's ISA release: Hishamudin's landmark judgement
30/5/2001 Suhakam inquiry into n 78 banned from travel overseas
30/5/2001 Open email to MCA Central Committee: Drop NYSP/CP takeover
29/5/2001 Education Ministry: Why reject MAPEN2 recommendations on SJK(C)/(T)?
29/5/2001 NYSP/CP takeover - Summary decapitation of executive/editorial heads
29/5/2001 NYSP/CP - black day for Chinese community and Malaysian democracy
28/5/2001 Asiaweeks' 50 most powerful people and Internet censorship
28/5/2001 Two Cabinet priorities: NYSP/CP takeover and quota issues
28/5/2001 BA emergency meeting on MCA takeover of NYSP/CP
28/5/2001 NYSP takeover - descend on MCA on Wednesday
27/5/2001 Mahathir - Suspend  MCA take-over of NYSP/CP for a month
26/5/2001 Musa and Mahadzir - admit they have used false statistics
26/5/2001 MCA takeover of Chinese press: Double catastrophes
26/5/2001 Cabinet: respect right of every Malaysian to tertiary education
25/5/2001 Nanyang deal - Liong Sik usurps MCA Central Committee
25/5/2001 MCA takeover of Nanyang - MCA rank-and-file should intervene
25/5/2001 Quota for IPTS - "Disinvest in Malaysian Brains" Policy 
24/5/2001 DAP calls for RM182 million for 11,376 bumi students to enter IPTS
24/5/2001 MCA's takeover - Double jeopardy for Nanyang and China Press
24/5/2001 Zainol must resign as Kedah State Assemblyman
23/5/2001 LKS to sue Miri Daily News
23/5/2001 The biggest "white elephant" of them all!
23/5/2001 Global bumiputra university quota - major setback for nation-building, K-economy and all IT plans
23/5/2001 Expand 38,000 varsity places by 10% or 3,800 places
22/5/2001 Email to Cabinet: Repair faultlines of nation-building
21/5/2001 Samy wrong - Chinese students not cause for Indian university intake shortfall
21/5/2001 MCA-take over of newspapers will also put them under influence of UMNO and proxies
21/5/2001 Confirmed! Miri Port the biggest "white elephant" in Malaysia
21/5/2001 Three-day ultimatum for Robert Lau
21/5/2001 Taib Mahmud - death threats and bounties
21/5/2001 UMNO Supreme Council: three tests on money politics
20/5/2001 Challenge to Berita Harian/Berita Minggu Editor to a public debate
19/5/2001 Second RM3b economic stimulus package opening wide university doors
19/5/2001 MCA buying Nanyang - Mahathir should declare stand
19/5/2001 Appoint master English teacher for every school
19/5/2001 LKS challenges Rais - Prosecute him for sedition
18/5/2001 LKS replies to Berita Harian
18/5/2001 Proposals to improve English - Call for two-month public feedback
17/5/2001 Cabinet - not a single additional varsity place
17/5/2001 SPM top-scorers: Cabinet meeting empty-handed
16/5/2001 University intake figures - transparency now and not uncertain future
16/5/2001 MCA buying Nanyang - Suhakam  should intervene
16/5/2001 Science from Year One
16/5/2001 MCA task force and Damansara School
16/5/2001 Four MCA Ministers should resign in shame
15/5/2001 MCA's buying of Nanyang - Working journalists should oppose
15/5/2001 Email to Abdullah: Do justice to 200 SPM top-scorers he feted in Putrajaya
15/5/2001 Cabinet should apologise to Parliament for dishonest OPP3
14/5/2001 Abdullah and Rais - aggravating travesty of justice against Anwar
14/5/2001 MCA Ministers should censure Musa in Cabinet
14/5/2001 Email to  Ministers - Solve Unfair Varsity Admissions once and for all
13/5/2001 Corrupt UMNO leaders - M's vow as unconvincing as his tears
13/5/2001 Email to Mahathir - human capital more important than physical capita
12/5/2001 PAS are Talibans - PAS should sue four MCA Ministers
12/5/2001 RM100-180 for nasi lemak on MAS
12/5/2001 Pardon Anwar and a new start for Malaysia
12/5/2001 US conditioning payment of UN arrears to UNHRC seat - demeaning
12/5/2001 Musa and 66% quota - irresponsible to play populist line
12/5/2001 7168 varsity places - release unfilled science slots to non-bumi students
11/5/2001 Destroy Buddist statues - Liong Sik should stop irresponsible politicking
11/5/2001 66% quota demand - Mahathir and Ministers should shoot it down
10/5/2001 Daim should  buy over KWAP's RM903 million stake in Time dotCom
10/5/2001 Fair University Admission Policy - Admit 500-plus SPM top scorers
10/5/2001 Govt deviated from 55:45 varsity quota in past decade
9/5/2001 ISA arrests - Mohamad Ezam's extraordinary behaviour
9/5/2001 7168 varsity places -  Musa Mohamad better than David Copperfield
8/5/2001 IGP - produce Gobalakrishnan and Ghani in Court
8/5/2001 Myanmar military junta - allow Razali to revisit Burma and re-start dialogue
8/5/2001 7168 places - Mahathir's first positive action after polls
7/5/2001 Abolish quota? Release 7,168 varsity  places first
7/5/2001 Money politics - UMNO's political AIDS
7/5/2001 ASEAN  fact-finding mission to Burma on forced labour
6/5/2001 Vesak 2001 wish - International Buddhist University in Malaysia
6/5/2001 Buddhist statues  - LLS should stop and not pour oil on Ti's "fire" 
6/5/2001 All-party Parliamentary Committee on Fair University Admissions
5/5/2001 BA failure in 2004 if...
5/5/2001 7168 varsity places - BA leaders to discuss
5/5/2001 Malaysian Cabinet least IT-literate in  nations committed to IT
5/5/2001 Ainum - withdraw Karpal's sedition charge
4/5/2001 Malaysia's economic crisis basically political
4/5/2001 MCA concoction - PAS to destroy all Buddhist statues
4/5/2001 Christian, Buddhiest, Hindu Universities - to mark UN Year of Diaglue Among Civilizations 
4/5/2001 Quota Email cannot reach six Ministers
4/5/2001 ISA detainees - allow all  family visits within 24hrs
4/5/2001 Email to all Ministers - Release 7,168 varsity places
4/5/2001 KLIA - Change Transport Minister with "rotten head"
3/5/2001 Mahathir top 10 "Enemy of the Press" for third year
3/5/2001 Unusually harsh and most inhuman application of ISA
3/5/2001 Varsity Quota - Release 7,168 unfilled places to non-bumis
2/5/2001 Over 500 SPM top-scorers: Hon Choon Kim should resign
2/5/2001 Mahathir's visceral hatred for Anwar
2/5/2001 WPFD Message - Stop being running dogs of press censorship
1/5/2001 Fourth week denied family access: most inhuman application of ISA
1/5/2001 No appeal against Rahim Noor's "lenient" sentence - Gani Patail explain or resign 
1/5/2001 U Win Tin - Malaysia should campaign for his immediate release