Archive - March 2001
31/3/2001 Alex Wong murder case - Ministerial statement on AG's handling
31/3/2001 Fauzi's allegations against Khalil and UMNO - ACA must act
31/3/2001 M - don't make Malaysia an international laughing-stock
31/3/2001 RM3b stimulus package - a flop
31/3/2001 2% EPF cut - optional and not compulsory
30/3/2001 Anwar's health: Utusan Malaysia guilty of "false news"
30/3/2001 Khalil - resign as Minister and UMNO SG
29/3/2001 Build 20 new Chinese primary schools immediately
29/3/2001 Prime Minister a Malaysian first and Malay second or Malay first and Malaysian second
28/3/2001 Revived Bakun - New EIA and all-party review
28/3/2001 Anwar's back surgery in Munich: Ministers should stop playing politics
28/3/2001 RM3 billion stimulus - will they end up as bailouts?
28/3/2001 Miri port: Biggest White Elephant in country (2)
28/3/2001 Sarawak violates human rights (2)
27/3/2001 Don't fall victim to Islamic-state scare tactics - 3 reasons
27/3/2001 Cabinet - let  people decide on MAS buy-back from Tajudin 
27/3/2001 Biggest White Elephant in Malaysia - RM350m Miri port in Baram
26/3/2001 48 hr notice to Sarawak govt - Tan Seng Hin's human right violation
26/3/2001 Last-minute TMT manipulation of KLCI has gone on for past few months
26/3/2001 Sabah CM rotation system: No credit to Sabah BN leaders
26/3/2001 Govt. crisis plan: revoke/end all bailouts of crony companies
25/3/2001 Let Mother-Tongue New Deal be centrepiece of Sarawak state election
25/3/2001 Taxpayers bailing out Halim Saad - Ministerial statement
24/3/2001 EPF Contributors' Association: Protem Committee
24/3/2001 Judicial reforms: quarterly reports
24/3/2001 MCA - Historic breakthrough or breakdown
24/3/2001 RM19 million buy of TMT stocks in last 3 mins -  KLCI manipulation?
24/3/2001 Taman Medan clashes: Ensure 3-days incident-free
24/3/2001 Mahathir's "3:1:1" formula unfair to Kadazandusuns and Chinese
23/3/2001 8th Malaysia Plan - New Deal for Tamil schools
23/3/2001 KWAP/Time dotCom bailout - DAP considers legal action
23/3/2001 Sell MAS shares back to Tajudin - National Referendum
22/3/2001 Petaling Selatan renewed clashes: Time for Mahathir to lead
22/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO scandal - "phoney" underwriting?
22/3/2001 Sabah CM: Defer Kah Kiat's swearing-in by  14 months
22/3/2001 EPF - five proposals to restore public confidence 
21/3/2001 EPF Watchdog Panel and EPF Contributors' Association
21/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO - KWAP the "lead undertaker"
21/3/2001 NGO Memo on Kg Medan clashes: No Minister in Parliament
21/3/2001 Sabah CM short-change: Mahathir avoids issue
20/3/2001 Kuan Yew and Musa both wrong
20/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO - Pension Trust Fund becomes "Bail-Out" Fund
19/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO bailout: DAP MPs/ leaders to meet Halim Ali
18/3/2001 Taman Medan clashes comments - M should apologise
18/3/2001 Civil service retirement age - raise it to 60 years
18/3/2001 Time dotCom scandal - BN MPs speak up or shut up
18/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO bailout - MTUC/Cuepacs must declare stand
17/3/2001 Malaysian Malaysia - better understood after 35 years
17/3/2001 BN's "2:1:1" Sabah CM formula: shortchanging Kadazans and Chinese
17/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO bailout scandal - RM513 million losses
16/3/2001 Kin Woon would be better Cabinet Minister than Keng Yaik
16/3/2001 DAP supports end to mega awards
16/3/2001 Time dotCom: EPF lost RM92.208 million
15/3/2001 DAP supports university status for TAR
15/3/2001 Taman Medan clashes - Masterplan for new township in 8th Plan
15/3/2001 Time dotCom IPO shortfall - a nest of scandals
14/3/2001 Police report on EPF and Time dotCom
13/3/2001 Taman Medan clashes - three-prong response
13/3/2001 Time dotCom - DAP to lodge police report against EPF
13/3/2001 Cabinet: Deplore M's "Malays 'must fight as one'" statement
12/3/2001 Ethnic clashes: colossal failure in crisis management
12/3/2001 Suhakam inquiry needed: massive assault on press freedom
11/3/2001 Education masterplan for K-economy and i- society
11/3/2001 Worst ethnic clashes - declare national tragedy!
11/3/2001 Worst ethnic clashes in Malaysia in 32 years
11/3/2001 Afghan Buddhas: Parliament special meet like UNGA
11/3/2001 Chia Oai Peng case - Ultimatum to Hon Choon Kim
10/3/2001 Ezam's continued detention: Vindictive and travesty
10/3/2001 Abdullah: stop clashes off Jalan Klang Lama
10/3/2001 Bamiyan's two giant holes of Islamic intolerance
9/3/2001 Legal suit over Terengganu oil royalty: DAP backs PAS
9/3/2001 Afghan Buddhas - Kudos to Tsu koon
9/3/2001 M's most mischievous and irresponsible statement
9/3/2001 Musa - intervene in Chia Oai Peng case
8/3/2001 4 new Chinese primary schools - What's so great?
8/3/2001 Human rights: Hishammuddin protests too much
8/3/2001 Malaysian support group for Afghan women
8/3/2001 Bamiyan Buddhas - Cabinet most disappointing
7/3/2001 Mahathir - the most unpopular PM
7/3/2001 Afghan Buddhas - Malaysia should ask for OIC meet
7/3/2001 Ezam's arrest: Police "black eye"
7/3/2001 New univ rule - lecturers banned from telling truth?
6/3/2001 DAP condemns Ezam's arrest
6/3/2001 Afghan Buddhas - Malaysia offers safekeeping
6/3/2001 New Deal: Fifth proposal on POL
5/3/2001 Ezam, Mahathir, Malaysiakini and Media Council
5/3/2001 LLS - withdraw and apologise for Kluang statement
5/3/2001 Taliban barbarism - all-party conference
4/3/2001 Samy again one up on Liong Sik
4/3/2001 One solution to low Chinese presence in police
4/3/2001 Afghan Buddhas - emergency Parliament
3/3/2001 LLS emulating wrong PAS example in Dong Jiao Zong talks
3/3/2001 Bamiyam Buddhas destruction - absolute outrage
2/3/2001 Bamiyam Buddhas - Hamid Albar's undertaking
2/3/2001 Bakun dam revival: Did Cabinet make informed decision?
2/3/2001 Mahathir's end-game?
2/3/2001 Bamiyan Buddhas - Malaysian govt. must speak out
1/3/2001 FEER/Asiaweek: Home Ministry making fool of itself
1/3/2001 Bakun revival - Mahathir's last folly?
1/3/2001 New Deal - Roundtable conf. on Tamil education