Archive - March 2000 
31/3/2000 Democracy - Mahathir and Musharraf
31/3/2000 Gerakan ADUN dies/another by-election - MCA Rumours
31/3/2000 Hadi -PAS State Govt to aid Chinese primary schools
30/3/2000 The Unified Examination Cert. fiasco
30/3/2000 Wahid on Islamic State
29/3/2000 Sanggang by-election: Open letter
28/3/2000 All IT/e-commerce reports - make public
28/3/2000 Adnan's "lewd" posters and schoolchildren
28/3/2000 Kong Choy - be a better man than Adnan
27/3/2000 Parliament homepage - up but still museum piece
26/3/2000 Chan Kong Choy - Challenge to dialogue with Nik Aziz
26/3/2000 Lurch towards greater repression
26/3/2000 Parliament homepage removed - Malaysia's IT Achilles' heel
26/3/2000 Rahim Noor - strip him of all national/state honours
25/3/2000 Remove Parliament homepage - a national disgrace
25/3/2000 Adnan's indecent gestures: Let Razaleigh advise
24/3/2000 Adnan's indecent gestures: M should step in
24/3/2000 End of Razaleigh saga marks end of UMNO?
23/3/2000 Malaysia-Singapore Digital Gap - Wake-up call 
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23/3/2000 Tudung issue: Don't spoil Sanggang by-election 
23/3/2000 Adnan's vulgar gestures: Shame for Abdullah
22/3/2000 Parliament homepage: unpardonable sin
22/3/2000 Rahim Noor's reduced charge: Amin outrageous
21/3/2000 Tsu Koon - tell police no rioting
21/3/2000 Importance of Sanggang by-election
20/3/2000 Extension of Organic Ong's detention: Gross abuse of power
20/3/2000 Ali Rustam: will he next demand "loyalty" tests
20/3/2000 Taiwan presidential election - lessons for Malaysia
19/3/2000 Vision 2020 - for 56% and not 100% Malaysians
19/3/2000 Tsu Koon and Organic Ong
18/3/2000 Whistleblowers legislation for Malaysia
18/3/2000 Ministers - Be professional first
18/3/2000 MPI Awards Night - annual "no press freedom" reminder
17/3/2000 Bill to label GM food
17/3/2000 Rustam Ali: New depths of dirty politics
17/3/2000 Rahim Noor and Criminal Justice reforms
16/3/2000 Rustam Ali - threat to national unity
16/3/2000 Rahim's lenient treatment by AG: Explain in Parliament
15/3/2000 K-economy Masterplan: Who is responsible
15/3/2000 Two trials - Rahim Noor and Anwar
14/3/2000 Parliament - dinosaur in Commonwealth
14/3/2000 Sanggang by-election: make it cleanest and not dirtiest
13/3/2000 K-Economy Convert or get rid of Govt Luddities
12/3/2000 SUPP lies against DAP in Sarawak
11/3/2000 South Pole scam becomes Youth Ministry farce
11/3/2000 Haze in Sibu: Make API public
10/3/2000 What UMNO/MCA/Gerakan feared most about PAS
10/3/2000 IWK: Three "golden handshakes" at public expense
10/3/2000 Rais: Give satisfactory reply on Rafidah
9/3/2000 Chandra's removal from NITC - not good for K-economy masterplan
9/3/2000 K-economy needs K-Govt
8/3/2000 "Smart" immigration policy: Does govt. understand?
8/3/2000 3.4 million single mothers - farce of non-existent crisis
7/3/2000 Malaysia can learn from Indonesia and Iran
7/3/2000 UTM - Musa commended for enlightened statement
7/3/2000 Immigration policy: Recognise humanware most important
7/3/2000 Cabinet - End the Astro row 
6/3/2000 K-Government and K-Parliament
6/3/2000 "Smart" Immigration Policy
5/3/2000 First two steps in journey of thousand miles
5/3/2000 ETV - height of irresponsibility
5/3/2000 Resolve estate workers monthly wage by May Day
5/3/2000 P.R.China wives of Malaysians - End discrimination
5/3/2000 Astro - new channel on local Chinese programmes
5/3/2000 No internet censorship - Entrench in Constitution
4/3/2000 Sex harassment in Parliament: Ng Yen Yen commended
4/3/2000 Suspend Chee Heung/Chai Ho as Dy Ministers
3/3/2000 Political Islam in Malaysia - winning formula
3/3/2000 M - Renounce all Internet censorship
3/3/2000 IWK - suspend all bills to consumers
3/3/2000 Hon Choon Kim - Resolve UTM CNY controversy amicably
2/3/2000 Slur of RMAF professionalism
2/3/2000 Anwar's appeal: Mohtar Sidin should withdraw
2/3/2000 Harakah - UMNO "white flag" of surrender
1/3/2000 Anwar's appeal: Media coverage unfair
1/3/2000 MCA MP Thong - Own up and apologise
1/3/2000 "Dolah no Habibie" - then revoke no-contest rule
1/3/2000 End Iraq sanctions: World Parliaments should act