Archive - December 1999

31/12/99 Tsu Koon: millennium betrayal of Penang people
31/12/99 LKS - two "political mistakes"
31/12/99 LKS calls for millennium commitment
30/12/99 Liong Sik: "hands-off", "minds-off" Minister
29/12/99 MCA greatest loser after the election
29/12/99 Telok Intan leads in "Save DAP Campaign"
29/12/99 Liong Sik - "hands-off" Minister
29/12/99 National Finance Council - too feeble
29/12/99 Hijacking: Mahathir's statement bad taste
28/12/99 Harakah ban call deplorable
27/12/99 Form NGO to audit Ministers/MPs
26/12/99 Liong Sik/Keng Yaik: Promise not to play truant
25/12/99 LKS reply to Shad Faruqi
25/12/99 Cabinet Committee on Good Governance
24/12/99 CLOB: Resolve it by year end
24/12/99 Xmas greeting/wish
24/12/99 LKS replies to NST
24/12/99 Abdullah Badawi - heir not apparent
24/12/99 BN MPs playing truant in Parliament: Effective solution
23/12/99 Terengganu: Commission of Inquiry into Perwaja scandal
23/12/99 Constitutional rape - LKS to consult two ex-Lord Presidents
22/12/99 Param's RM430 legal costs: Parliament should end folly
22/12/99 Mahathir and his parrots
22/12/99 DAP: Unprecedented consultation on constitutional case of millennium
21/12/99 Statutory rape of constitution: DAP considers legal action
20/12/99 Parliament: international joke/laughing stock
20/12/99 DAP - No apologist for Islamic State (2)
19/12/99 Parliament: Select Committee for every Ministry
19/12/99 DAP: No Apologist for Islamic State
19/12/99 Cancel Parliament tomorrow: Cannot elect new Speaker
18/12/99 No reports on breakthrough on kharaj - irresponsible journalism
18/12/99 Waad should resign or sacked from NS Exco
18/12/99 New Parliament: Statutory rape of constitution
17/12/99 New Parliament: Breaking law after law
17/12/99 BA MPs boycott Monday's Parliament?
17/12/99 DAP-PAS: Second millennium milestone
16/12/99 Kharaj tax: Kelantan waits for Terengganu's study
15/12/99 DAP: Breakthrough on kharaj
15/12/99 DAP commends PAS Terengganu govt
14/12/99 Politics of "eat words, pants off and go down on knees"
14/12/99 Parliament/Penang Assembly meetings unconstitutional
14/12/99 LKS: I will not tarry a day longer if no more useful
14/12/99 DAP facing financial collapse
13/12/99 Rent control: Tsu Koon should not forget
13/12/99 RM30 billion contingency finance bill
13/12/99 Opposition should head Public Accounts Committee
12/12/99 Deputy Speaker should come from BA
11/12/99 New RM80 million Penang Airport cargo complex - why not operational?
11/12/99 LKS: my defeat may not be in vain if...
11/12/99 Tsu Koon: Honour rent control election pledge
11/12/99 Aziz Samsuddin - de facto Education Minister
10/12/99 No millennium cabinet - very Jurassic
10/12/99 Utusan Malaysia - Opium of falsehoods
10/12/99 LKS: I leave my political future to the party
10/12/99 Greatest violation of human rights of Malaysians
9/12/99 Kharaj not in BA manifesto/budget
9/12/99 No Kharaj unless non-Muslims agree
8/12/99 MCA/Gerakan/MIC shld get one more Minister/Dy. Minister each
8/12/99 LKS: I will not cling to any party position
7/12/99 Kharaj: DAP to seek PAS clarification
7/12/99 30 Years in Parliament: Some thoughts
7/12/99 LKS bids farewell to Parliament
6/12/99 Govt. may be hit by new Y2K and grind to a halt
6/12/99 DAP special committee on Islamic laws
5/12/99 Penang Leads - Three CMs
5/12/99 DAP on PAS' proposed kharaj/zakat
5/12/99 Leaner and smarter Cabinet
5/12/99 1999 election result: Bad for economy
4/12/99 Gerakan must bear full responsibility
3/12/99 Keng Yaik: Resign if UMNO starts Islamisation
2/12/99 LKS resigns as DAP SG
1/12/99 Mass media still poisoning minds
1/12/99 Mass media still poisoning minds