I leave my political future in the hands of the Central Executive Committee and the party membership

Media Statement
by Lim Kit Siang

(Petaling Jaya,  Friday): I am saddened by Sdr. Fan  Yew Tengís various resignations from party posts.

The Central Executive Committee, which meets for the second time after the general election on Sunday, would have the opportunity to consider his insistence that Sdr. Karpal Singh and I resign from all party posts to take responsibility for the DAPís catastrophic election performance as a result of DAPís co-operation with PAS in Barisan Alternatif.

I want to thank supporters and well-wishers who have written in after Fanís public call to express their concern and support. A medical specialist  has today faxed this letter  to Karpal and me:

I thank all for their continuing support and concern, but I leave my political future in the hands of the CEC and the party membership.  I reiterate that I will not cling to any party position if the CEC or the party rank and file agrees with Fan that I should relinquish all party posts.

Fan is entitled to his view that I should resign for the DAPís catastrophic election result as a result of the great mistake made by the DAP in co-operating with PAS in the Barisan Alternatif.

In any event, I want to thank Fan for his hard word for the party in the past 15 months since his return to DAP in August last year.  He should know,  in view of his earlier DAP days from 1969-1976, that DAP leaders do not regard  politics as a "political burlesque".

He knows that I have always regarded politics with total seriousness.  This was why when I met Fan in Cambridge in 1976, who was then still in the party but had stayed away from the country while going through the travail of a long sedition trial involving his disqualification as Member of Parliament, I urged him to return to Malaysia to continue with the DAP political struggle for an united, just and democratic Malaysia.

Fan told me that he had lost confidence in the constitutional struggle in Malaysia  and that politics is not like selling ice-cream which could be done without any commitment.

I said that if he really believed that the constitutional struggle is a dead-end for the DAP and that the party must consider other options, I would convene a party congress for him to convince the party leadership and rank-and-file.  Fan did not take up the offer.

I do not have to give other examples of the seriousness with which DAP leaders commit ourselves to the political advancement of the people and nation.


*Lim Kit Siang - DAP National Chairman