Archive - April 1998

30/4/98 Liong Sik should stop circulating half-truths and lies
29/4/98 Mohamad Rahmat underrating the idealism and sense of justice of the people of Penang
28/4/98 Penang could be the engine-head in a new political movement
27/4/98 Moggie should show greater sense of urgency with Y2K problem
26/4/98 Independent National Bail-Out Commission for all
25/4/98 2 amendments to Companies Amendment Bill
24/4/98 Amend Companies Amendment Bill
22/4/98 Economic crisis - DAP stand
22/4/98 Y2K Crisis
21/4/98 NITA - people development dimension
20/4/98 Denial syndrome + Information deficit = confidence disaster
18/4/98 ACA - show your teeth
17/4/98 MAS - another bail-out
17/4/98 IMF report on Malaysia
17/4/98 Education DG replaced six months before retirement
16/4/98 National force for justice and freedom
16/4/98 IMF 1998 World Economic Outlook - role of hedge funds
16/4/98 Hedge funds took lead in driving down currencies?
15/4/98 Asian economic crisis -blame it all on "virtual reality" !
15/4/98 Water crisis - culture of responsibility lacking
14/4/98 Water shortage crisis - MB should take over full responsibility
14/4/98 Full debate on grave public policy issues arising from the LGE case
13/4/98 IPU to send mission on LGE case
11/4/98 EPF quarterly public reports
10/4/98 Two-month long haze disaster in Miri - public opinion poll
10/4/98 Mahathir - contempt of court
9/4/98 Parliament in Session:
New crisis of confidence in the judiciary
9/4/98 Stop giving simplistic explanations or mixed signals
8/4/98 Lim Guan Eng vs Mahathir Mohamad
7/4/98 Why Mahathir wants Guan Eng convicted, jailed, disqualified?
6/4/98 LGE case - past & present Bar Council Presidents
5/4/98 Crisis of confidence in system of justice
5/4/98 Marina Mahathir: "Whither Justice?"
4/4/98 Johor DAP members Extraordinary meeting
3/4/98 Emergency DAP CEC on Lim Guan Eng’s case
2/4/98 Guan Eng's 36 months' jail - shock, disbelief, outrage