Archive - October 1997

31/10/97 Sungai Bakap - Confidence test for Keng Yaik, not Mahathir
31/10/97 Gerakan's Mahathir card in Sungai Bakap
30/10/97 Sungai Bakap - Teluk Intan and Kidurong
30/10/97 A second 1998 Budget next Wednesday
30/10/97 Indian voters can be bought with alcohol and food?
30/10/97 Public Debate challenge to Keng Yaik
29/10/97 Keng Yaik - don't short-sell Malaysia and Mahathir
28/10/97 US$1 billion aid for Indonesia - Can we afford it?
27/10/97 Operation Lalang ten years later - when is the next one?
27/10/97 Kidurong result: voters want changes in Sarawak politics
27/10/97 Enterovirus epidemic info withheld
27/10/97 Sg Bakap by-election: Keng Yaik afraid of losing?
27/10/97 How 'slight' increase in toll rates?
26/10/97 New DAP means meritocracy
25/10/97 Withdraw increases in passport and drive licence fees
25/10/97 Sungai Bakap by-election: voters' mid-term verdict on BN
24/10/97 Ahmad Zahidi: Most ignorant, immature & irresponsible
24/10/97 SUPP Ministers: "Ace" strategy ?
24/10/97 Sarawak politics - end of an old era, beginning of a new one?
23/10/97 George Chan playing games
23/10/97 Taib Mahmud's double absences
23/10/97 MAS - see not, hear not, speaks not
22/10/97 George Chan misleading Kidurong voters
22/10/97 Kidurong By-election - Ten reasons why vote for DAP
22/10/97 MAS - zero passenger convenience & satisfaction?
22/10/97 Sungai Bakap - decision by weekend
21/10/97 Another bombshell in CHOGM?
20/10/97 Parliament in Session:
1998 Budget:
19/10/97 Party Reform:
(1) Reappraisal of party policies
(2) Enlistment of new blood
18/10/97 Restore confidence acid test of 1998 Budget
17/10/97 Informed citizen could help solve economic crisis
16/10/97 Parliament in Session:
Information deficit - root-cause of Malaysia�s economic crisis
16/10/97 Make public JICA report on haze disaster
15/10/97 ASEAN Economic Minister meeting - Haze environmental disaster important agenda
15/10/97 Mahathir - Confidence motion in Parliament
14/10/97 Parliament in Session:
Parliamentary homepage - shameful!
14/10/97 Clean Air Action Plan - stop giving confusing statements
14/10/97 14-month action plan towards 500,000 Internet subscribers
13/10/97 Scrap Fomema monopoly
11/10/97 Six proposals to make the National IT Awareness Campaign a success
10/10/97 Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Haze
10/10/97 CM mysterious trip - "imaginary issues"?
9/10/97 CM mysterious trip - explanation most pathetic
8/10/97 CM's family overseas - false news?
7/10/97 International observer at Irene Fernandez trial denied entry
7/10/97 CM missing during haze emergency - present explanation instead of issuing threat
6/10/97 Parliament in Session:
25,000 Malaysians endorsed signature campaign, demanding compensation from Indonesian
6/10/97 Taib Mahmud's mysterious trip overseas during Sarawak 10-day haze emergency
5/10/97 Parliament to debate on national haze disaster tomorrow
4/10/97 No claiming of compensation from Indonesia?
3/10/97 Haze: Government should stop putting out conflicting statements
2/10/97 Highlight haze disaster in the United Nations
1/10/97 Demand compensation from Indonesian Government
1/10/97 National Haze Disaster Committee to address disaster