Archive - November 1997

26/11/97 The right to be informed about foreign news reports
26/11/97 UEM-Renong deal - Four issues on test of accountability and transparency
26/11/97 Belt-tightening - Sarawak State Government not setting good example
25/11/97 Abort the UEM-Renong deal
24/11/97 Tampin gives Malaysia bad image
24/11/97 Is NEAC to be rubber-stamp?
24/11/97 Ministers, CMs, MBs should cancel all overseas holidays
23/11/97 Parliament in Session:
Give serious consideration to Citizens� Health Manifesto For Malaysia
23/11/97 National economic crisis - don't pin all blames on external factors
23/11/97 Urgent motion on UEM-Renong deal
23/11/97 NEAC must be nationally productive and constitutionally legitimate
23/11/97 Belt-tightening - Cabinet Ministers to set good example
22/11/97 Parliament debate on UEM-Renong deal & Bakun take-over
22/11/97 NEAC - a forum of all views?
21/11/97 Bakun Compensation - dangerous precedent
21/11/97 NEAC - useful & effective?
20/11/97 Parliament in Session:
UEM-Renong deal a national catastrophe
20/11/97 New policy of corporate transparency to restore plummeting investor confidence
19/11/97 Parliament in Session:
UEM-Renong Scandal & Confidence Motion
18/11/97 Amendments to DPM�s motion
18/11/97 UEM's surprise RM2.4 billion bail-out of Renong - a new crisis in the KLSE
18/11/97 Not one but three motions needed
17/11/97 DPM's motion of confidence on Mahathir - Appropriate?
16/11/97 "Miseducation" in Malaysia
10/11/97 Let 21st Century Be The Century For Social Democracy in Asia
9/11/97 Parliament - RM12m renovation but less and less debate time for MPs
8/11/97 8 detained under ISA - ironic and insupportable
8/11/97 Rescind decision to gag academicians before more harm done
7/11/97 10-minute Parliament most humiliating
6/11/97 No-win situation for Mahathir in Sg Bakap
6/11/97 Five Important Reasons to "write history, create miracle" in Sg Bakap
6/11/97 30-Point Sungai Bakap Declaration for Good Government
6/11/97 BN=Barang Naik?
5/11/97 ACA still a toothless tiger
5/11/97 Rebuilding of the Ladang Jawi Tamil primary school delayed two years
4/11/97 MPs denied right to speak on Budget '98
4/11/97 Cheng Teik: defaming the dead to save the living?
4/11/97 Sungai Bakap by-election - Another Ten Fundamental Positions, Demands and Aspirations
3/11/97 An opportunistic, irresponsible and unpatriotic man playing "Mahathir card" in Sungai Bakap by-election
3/11/97 400% increase of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) driving licence illegal ?
2/11/97 Sungai Bakap by-election - Ten Fundamental Positions, Demands and Aspirations
2/11/97 Soros latest disciple of Mahathir?
2/11/97 Sungai Bakap - three different explanations in four days
1/11/97 Restore Strong and Effective Opposition in Penang
1/11/97 Gerakan's "Development" Card
1/11/97 Sungai Bakap - Joint Declaration by Four Candidates
1/11/97 Foreign workers putting up Gerakan election posters?
1/11/97 DAP - disloyal, anti-national & traitor?
1/11/97 Crackdown in Burma - first test case for ASEAN after Burma's admission