Archive - December 1997

31/12/97 National economic crisis - DAP leaders to meet on Sunday
31/12/97 Dewan Negara - rubber-stamp of rubber-stamp
31/12/97 1998 New Year Message
30/12/97 Briefing for MPs on Banks
29/12/97 Malaysian crisis - "Mild case of cough"?
29/12/97 GAA to monitor and audit government�s economic recovery measures
28/12/97 Dewan Negara should formally apologise
27/12/97 Should Malaysia seek IMF aid - full debate
26/12/97 Salary adjustments for 10,050 staff in five statutory bodies
26/12/97 Crisis - Role of Press
25/12/97 RM1 billion SMI Fund - No corruption, No discrimination
24/12/97 Global Crisis Summit
24/12/97 Stop "main pondok", release ISA detainees
24/12/97 Senate a Rubbish-bin: Challenge to Public Debate Accepted
23/12/97 No RM200 million compensation to PLUS
23/12/97 Dewan Negara a national irrelevance
22/12/97 Spore SilkAir Crash - Where are Malaysian Embassy officials?
22/12/97 IMF predicts 2.5% growth for Malaysia next year
21/12/97 Extend National Higher Education Fund to Malaysian students overseas
21/12/97 Two Finance Ministers?
20/12/97 Loyalty to the nation and not loyalty to the government, the ruling party or individual leader
20/12/97 UEM-Renong deal - See Wah�s explanation added to confusion
20/12/97 A new solution for troubled economies
19/12/97 Royal Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection needed
19/12/97 National Economic Recovery Strategy ala-IMF without IMF bailout
18/12/97 Do not defer MU staff salary revision
18/12/97 Present a third 1998 Budget
17/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Purge denial syndrome as first step to economic recovery
16/12/97 Two measures to enhance confidence
16/12/97 APEC+EU+IMF+World Bank Economic Summit
15/12/97 Give land titles to orang asli communities
15/12/97 Establish NECCC headed by Opposition
14/12/97 Crisis - confidence-building measures
14/12/97 A New Mahathir?
13/12/97 Scrap NEAC, form Crisis Cabinet and NECCC
12/12/97 Crisis - Three-Monkey Syndrome
12/12/97 Can IMF resolve Asian economic crisis?
11/12/97 UEM-Renong deal : Ten Questions
10/12/97 Parliament in Session:
To restore confidence, decision-making process should be consistent and rational
10/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Announce the identity of financial institutions engaged in merger negotiations
10/12/97 Waiver to UEM still stands?
10/12/97 Declare assets by leaders
9/12/97 Mohamed Rahmat: "National economic crisis is not our own doing!"
8/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Time for a major Cabinet reshuffle
7/12/97 Mahathir: People's Summit of APEC NGOs 1998 would be allowed
7/12/97 Withdraw '98 Budget, present a second Budget
7/12/97 One week special debate on new austerity measures
6/12/97 Economy will get worse before it can get better
6/12/97 Anwar's emergency financial package
5/12/97 Restore confidence through political and economic reforms
5/12/97 Asia-Pacific People's Summit 1998
5/12/97 Blacking "bad news" is worse news
4/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Reject PLUS's concessionaire rights to increase toll
4/12/97 US$30 billion (RM108 billion) currency crisis loss a genuine loss or mere "paper loss"?
4/12/97 RM6.3 million renovation cost for MB's residence & office
3/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Six key issues in 30th Anniversary ASEAN Summit Declaration
3/12/97 Economic crisis - Is government addressing the symptoms
and not the causes?
2/12/97 Parliament in Session:
Compensation to Ekran dangerous precedent
2/12/97 BN 170 MPs must be more diligent and responsible in Parliament
2/12/97 Six issues intimately connected with the programme of national economic recovery
2/12/97 Malaysia to seek a bail-out from IMF?
1/12/97 DAP calls for Parliamentary motion on NEAC
1/12/97 Ministers and MPs should take parliamentary duties seriously