Archive - June 2005  

30/6/2005 Murad Report - why MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, MIC Ministers know nothing?
30/6/2005 Will MMC take 666 yrs to review 333 foreign medical degrees?
29/6/2005 Isa cannot remain a single day as Minister - resign or be sacked
28/6/2005 Call for restoration of prison salary parity with police
28/6/2005 5 burning issues for Cabinet - corruption, police, water, CSMU and parl. reform
27/6/2005 CMSU degrees - Gerakan Youth sabotaging campaign for fair play
26/6/2005 CSMU medical degrees - "Tell-all" Ministerial statement wanted
26/6/2005 After Isa, who are the other top 6 UMNO leaders?
25/6/2005 Sack/arrest Isa as FT Minister for corruption and abuse of power
24/6/2005 Parliamentary Roundtable (4) on CSMU medical degrees on Sunday
24/6/2005 Shafie - neither light nor vision for great Malaysian universities
23/6/2005 Don't trade off CSMU degrees for lifting of Sothinathan's suspension
23/6/2005 LKY - hold pre-cabinet NGO consultation on water bills before next Wednesday
23/6/2005 Refer 2 deputy ministers to Privileges Committee - who lied in Parliament?
22/6/2005 Suhakam 2004 Report - DAP wants Parliament debate
22/6/2005 CSMU issue - don't punish Sothinathan for speaking up in Parliament
22/6/2005 False "No Objection Letters" for CSMU medical studeis - how many issued by Higher Education Ministry?
22/6/2005 LKY - new convert "no water privatisation" should support Parliamentary Select Committee
21/6/2005 Emergency Motion-Call for suspension of MMC’s derecognition of Ukraine’s Crimea
21/6/2005 Rafidah should be hauled up for violating PM directive
20/6/2005 Suspend MMC derecognition of CSMU medical degree - Parliament motion tomorrow
20/6/2005 White Paper - School gangsterism getting out of control
19/6/2005 CSMU medical degree - Samy Vellu deserves support
18/6/2005 Kit Siang forgives Keng Yaik - water privatisation issue more important
18/6/2005 Mahathir's "expel Myanmar" - discuss it at Putrajaya ASEAN Summit in Dec
18/6/2005 JI ISA detainees - why "small fries" still in when "big fishes" released?
18/6/2005 Name Ministers/MBs/CMs with assets more than RM50/RM100 million
17/6/2005 Michael Soosai website - assurance wanted from Abdullah
17/6/2005 Hashim should resign as UM VC for his "pgymy" vision
15/6/2005 48% of detainees for suspected criminal activities are Indians
15/6/2005 Caning for drinking alcohol - chance for PAS to show moderate face
15/6/2005 Afiq case - Pahang Sultan praised, Hishammuddin criticised, Karpal offers legal services
13/6/2005 Parliamentary Caucus on Higher Education for world-class universities
13/6/2005 Open Tender Abuse - will LKY report Syabas to ACA?
13/6/2005 Motions on PM's 20-month report card and Police Royal Commission
12/6/2005 Award PSD scholarships to top 200 SPM high-achievers
11/6/2005 Terence Gomez reinstated - press on for varsity reforms
11/6/2005 Is Hashim Yaacob qualified to be good VC of UM?
11/6/2005 White Paper on water services - which state more efficient than Penang
11/6/2005 5 SPM top-scorers get PSD scholarships - PM commended
10/6/2005 Syabas scandal - Select Committee on Water Bills important
09/6/2005 Karpal to attend "Soldarity with Terence Gomez" dinner
09/6/2005 No to increased Syabas water tariff next year
08/6/2005 Freeze RM250 million grant to Syabas/review RM12.73 billion concession
07/6/2005 Syabas Selangor water privatisation - suspend RM375 million pipe-laying
06/6/2005 Will Perak be the biggest loser in water privatisation?
06/6/2005 UM leaderless without Chairman of Board for three months
05/6/2005 Get rid of "deadwood" Ministers and downsize Cabinet
05/6/2005 Human rights caucus (MPs) to visit Kamunting Detention Centre June 17
04/6/2005 Parliament Roundtable on Water - 10.6.05
04/6/2005 "Solidarity with Terence Gomez" dinner Kelana Jaya 13th June
03/6/2005 Singapore Parliamentary Caucus on Burma - maturation of ASEAN idea
03/6/2005 "Towering Malaysian academics" - an endangered species
02/6/2005 Why UM fallen 71 rankings behind NUS?
01/6/2005 Name AP beneficiaries - LKS supports Mahathir