Archive - August 2005  

31/8/2005 MAS CEO - call a spade a spade
30/8/2005 Merdeka Proclamation 1957 - gulf between promises and realities
29/8/2005 MAS CEO - "Walk the talk" test for Pak Lah
28/8/2005 MAS CEO - appoint "best/brightest" Malaysian regardless of race
27/8/2005 NEP revival as NNA - two more reasons against "fait accompli"
25/8/2005 NNA on NEP revival - "fait accompli" before national consultation?
17/8/2005 Penang Bridge toll increase from RM7 to RM8.50 from Oct. 1?
17/8/2005 Serious about IAP? Reinstate UKM Professor Ramasamy
16/8/2005 Merdeka "social contract" - UMNO leaders are themselves ignorant
15/8/2005 Haze on APs issue - No immunity or impunity for Rafidah
14/8/2005 Shahrir's call to Rafidah to resign - unfair
13/8/2005 Haze - Hamid should summon Indonesian Ambassador to lodge protest
13/8/2005 7 am API reading - Adnan Satem should end DOE laziness
13/8/2005 Commission of Inquiry into entire APs system
12/8/2005 Urgent - Abdullah-Susilo Summit on Haze Catastrophe
12/8/2005 Hourly API updates - must Adenan wait for Pak Lah's directive?
11/8/2005 Wah FM Chinese radio - grant 4 months' grace
11/8/2005 AP stalemate - Rafidah fought rest of Cabinet to a draw?
11/8/2005 Is Najib Anti-Haze Supremo? Anti-Haze Action Plan?
10/8/2005 Haze - DOE should post hourly API on website
10/8/2005 A new Higher Education Minister needed
10/8/2005 Make API public - end 8-yr haze secrecy
10/8/2005 LKS - I had never used an AP
09/8/2005 Relinquish Proton majority stake/control - Let Parliament decide
08/8/2005 ACA AP report - 48-hr ultimatum to Wee Choo Keong
07/8/2005 New National Automotive Policy - Phase out APs
06/8/2005 Parliamentary roundtable on higher education crisis (2) - Prof.
06/8/2005 APs scandal - Rafidah cannot continue to be Minister "on-the-run"
06/8/2005 Zulkifli Redzuan case - wrong message in battle against corruption
05/8/2005 Rafidah still on leave - Najib also did not know
05/8/2005 Prof. Ramasamy's termination by UKM - unjust and discriminatory
04/8/2005 Rafidah's last tantrum - snub and boycott of Cabinet
04/8/2005 Anwar's "black-eye" compensation - why from taxpayers' monies
03/8/2005 Comment on Malaysiakini report
03/8/2005 Release full list of individual APs to Ministers and MPs
02/8/2005 UMNO Youth's NEP revival - BN SC meeting most disappointing
02/8/2005 Triple jump in APs - Cabinet should censure Rafidah
01/8/2005 APs - Rafidah "dumb and deaf" play undermines Pak Lah's credibility