Archive - April 2005  


30/4/2005 Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity - set it up in June
29/4/2005 Letter to Editor
Malay Bible – Open Minds or  Closed Societies
29/4/2005 Motion against Myanmar as ASEAN Chair 2006 - biggest victim of RM80 million scandal
27/4/2005 Is Parliament relevant?
25/4/2005 Japan's bid for permanent UNSC seat - Malaysia should impose conditions
25/4/2005 ASEAN becomes "rogue organisation" with Myanmar as 2006 Chair
23/4/2005 Koizumi's apology must be tested by contrite action
23/4/2005 MPs causing public contempt of Parliament should apologise one-by-one on Tuesday
22/4/2005 NST - unfair, unethical, unprofessional
22/4/2005 NST - unfair, unethical, unprofessional
(video clip of the relevant Parliamentary proceeding) (transcript) 
21/4/2005 Contempt of Parliament - LKS replies to NST
21/4/2005 Japan war crimes - Koizumi should apologise at Asin-African Summit, Jakarta
19/4/2005 DAP calls for White Paper on 26 projects worth RM2.4 billion
19/4/2005 ACA investigation on Khir Toyo - what outcome?
19/4/2005 Who told a lie - Nazri or Keng Yaik?
16/4/2005 Abdullah - resuscitate "zero-tolerance for corruption" campaign
15/4/2005 April Fool prank - exercise leadership and end Ministers' obsession
15/4/2005 Form Water Parliamentary Select Committee this month
13/4/2005 Parliamentary Select Committee on water - don't treat Parliament as  “rubber-stamp”
11/4/2005 Myanmar and ASEAN Chair 2006 - from Cebu to Vientiane
9/4/2005 Final Royal Police Commission report - will it be made public?
8/4/2005 ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat in Cebu - no more "lone voice"
4/4/2005 Immunity for past high-and-mighty "corruption"?
1/4/2005 Myanmar as ASEAN Chair 2006 - Say "No" by consensus rule