Archive - November 2004  

30/11/2004 PMC fees ranging from 5% to 10% of project costs?
30/11/2004 PMC/non-PMC scandals - substantive motion to overrule Speaker's rejection
30/11/2004 Year extension ASSK's house arrest - slap in the face for ASEAN
29/11/2004 Govt.projects (PMC/non-PMC) scandals become parliamentary scandals
29/11/2004 DAP proposes all-party parliamentary caucus on South Thailand
28/11/2004 No to Myanmar to Chair ASEAN 2006 - call for ASEAN-wide campaign
28/11/2004 PM Ministerial Statement - Raising Tak Bai massacre at Vientiane ASEAN Summit
26/11/2004 PMC/non-PMC infrastructure scandals - urgent parliamentary motion
26/11/2004 Murad Education Review Reports - end 2-year secrecy/mystery
26/11/2004 Thaksin's walkout threat from ASEAN Summit - most unbecoming
25/11/2004 PMC Scandal - Keng Yaik squealed like a mouse after lion's roar
24/11/2004 PMC and non-PMC scandals - LKS writes to Samy Vellu
23/11/2004 Why "ketuanan Melayu" in new Form V history textbook - first time in 47 years?
23/11/2004 PMC, new profession in world, is byword for "scam" in Malaysia
23/11/2004 Failed PMC /non-PMC infrastructure projects - first scandal of Abdullah era?
21/11/2004 Release of Burmese prisoners - Malaysia/ASEAN should press for ASSK's immediate release
21/11/2004 Ramli's Corruption Perception Index - clean, corrupt or middling?
21/11/2004 More suitable candidates for Speaker - Rais, Radzi, Shahrir, See Ching, etc
21/11/2004 Multi-billion ringgit PMC scandal - 3rd-world mentality afflicts Cabinet and top govt levels
20/11/2004 Samy Vellu misleading - RM400 million MATRADE scandal not PMC project
20/11/2004 Election of Speaker - call for 48-hour postponement
19/11/2004 Heads must roll - whether Works or Finance Ministry, JKR or PMC
19/11/2004 Election of Speaker - four important far-reaching implications
18/11/2004 Election of Speaker - Two questions for Najib
18/11/2004 Motion to bar from Parliament Astaman of UMNO money politics guilt
17/11/2004 International public appeal to Pak Lah - Free Vote on Speaker Election
16/11/2004 UMNO money politics - Astaman cannot take his seat in Parliament
16/11/2004 Speaker election - PM should withdraw Whip and Cabinet directive to BN MPs
15/11/2004 Election as Speaker - Ramli should break his silence
13/11/2004 Speaker Election - Opposition MPs to meet BN candidate Ramli Ngah
11/11/2004 Select Committee on marginalisation of Indian community
11/11/2004 Election for Parliament Speaker - Ramli-Seng Giaw Public Debate
9/11/2004 Malaysia among world's top 50 universities
8/11/2004 Seng Giaw - DAP candidate for Parliament Speaker
6/11/2004 DAP's candidate for Parliament Speaker
5/11/2004 Opposition to consider nominating candidate for Parliament Speaker
4/11/2004 Opposition strongly opposes Muhammad Taib as Parliament Speaker
2/11/2004 Sack Adnan as Pahang MB - test of Pak Lah's anti-corruption in 2nd year as PM