Archive - February 2004  

29/2/2004 Police manhandling and arrest of 17 confirmed memo on police brutality
29/2/2004 2004 general election scandal - disenfranchisement of 200,000 new voters
28/2/2004 Can 2003 master electoral roll be lawfully used for the coming election?
27/2/2004 Abdullah sincere and clean leader - but will he be captive of the "system"?
26/2/2004 EC must prove independence by fixing polling date without directive or duress from PMO
25/2/2004 Abdullah - scrap "929 Declaration" that Malaysia is an Islamic State
25/2/2004 Zam as info Ministry's media advisor - abuse and waste of public funds
23/2/2004 Anti-Corruption - DAP fully supports Abdullah but has he got solid support from Cabinet and BN parties?
21/2/2004 IGPt on Scomi & nuclear black market - why thrust so different from initial investigations?
20/2/2004 Najib cannot be more wrong in asking for end to speculation about "big fish" arrests
19/2/2004 Senai-JB Highway toll - 20-yr broken promise costing Malaysians RM511 million
18/2/2004 First session of Police Royal Commission - a great disappointment
17/2/2004 Abdullah - outline parliamentary agenda on war against corruption
17/2/2004 Crackdown of "big fish" in corruption - Is Najib for "go slow"?
16/2/2004 LKS - to contest or not to contest in next election
16/2/2004 Rafidah's threat to sue - why she hasn't sued Anwar in past five years?
15/2/2004 Three scenarios for next  general election from March to June
15/2/2004 Abdullah - ban use of public funds for BN campaigning in next general election
14/2/2004 Cabinet Ministers who want Abdullah to "go slow" to nab "big fishes" - identify yourselves!
13/2/2004 White Paper to rebut Bush implicating Malaysia in global nuclear black market
13/2/2004 Hanif - state stand on 25-year ban on public rallies before Royal Police Commission inquiry
12/2/2004 Pak Lah - tell Myanmar to stop "cat-and-mouse" game with ASSK, ASEAN and world
12/2/2004 Bush on Scomi - Hamid and IGP's exoneration untenable
12/2/2004 Which is the bigger fish - Kasitah Gaddam or Eric Chia?
10/2/2004 Forecast for next general election
10/2/2004 DAP reiterates 9-year call for RCI in RM11 billion Perwaja scandal
9/2/2004 Pak Lah's 100 days - eerily similar to Mahathir's 100 days
8/2/2004 Special Commission to Enhance Police Operations and Management - euphemism and misnomer
7/2/2004 Pak Lah's 100 Days - passed with flying colours under dark clouds
6/2/2004 Dzaiddin Police Commission - Amend name and terms of reference
6/2/2004 Independent Scomi inquiry a fitting end to Pak Lah's "First Hundred Days"
5/2/2004 Scomi and Malaysia's rogue role in nuclear black market - DAP calls for independent inquiry
5/2/2004 Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission - mixed signals, will it end up like Hutton Report?
4/2/2004 Can Abdullah ensure "1st world infrastructure, 1st world mentality" general election?
2/2/2004 Abdullah 100 days - people must "feel good" after and not just before general election
2/2/2004 Keng Yaik owes double apology - for PAS winning 27 MPs in last election
1/2/2004 Anti-Corruption - when will the first "big fish" be nabbed?