Archive - August 2004  


30/8/2004 National Day Message - Malaysia Boleh and Athens Olympics
25/8/2004 MRR2 flyover scandal - high expectations on PAC meeting tomorrow
24/8/2004 7-year RM195 million MATRADE Building symbol of shame - MRR2 a second example?
23/8/2004 MRR2 scandal - Samy off for 5-day junket in India
22/8/2004 MRR2 Scandal - DAP reiterates call for Samy Vellu's resignation as Works Minister
21/8/2004 Cabinet-rank higher education envoy - make public Cabinet paper for national debate
21/8/2004 Will MRR2 scandal end up like the school computer lab fiasco - more delays and inconclusive?
20/8/2004 Effendi as Cabinet-rank Education Envoy - freeze appointment until parliamentary approval
20/8/2004 Halt of MRR2 flyover repair - Is ACA waiting for the cracks to open up again?
19/8/2004 MRR2 - Rakyat taken for a ride by Samy Vellu, Kong Choy and Cabinet
18/8/2004 "Malaysia Boleh" MRR2 flyover - RM20 mil repair programme without knowing the causes
17/8/2004 Frequent heli crashes in Sarawak - causes and remedies
17/8/2004 Kepong flyover cracks scandal - Cabinet should end information fog
17/8/2004 Dzaiddin-Sedek patch-up does not address rampant police corruption
16/8/2004 Malaysian Police - world's cleanest, non-corrupt and incorruptible?
16/8/2004 MRR2 flyover scandal - ACA probe to justify "cover up"?
14/8/2004 MRR2 flyover threat - why Abdullah must publicly overrule Samy Vellu
13/8/2004 PM should repudiate, reprimand and even remove Samy as Works Minister for his MRR2 threat
12/8/2004 Police Commission Interim Report - DAP calls for Parliament debate on Sept. 1
11/8/2004 Dzaiddin Commission - Is police corruption serious or not?
10/8/2004 Royal Police Commission Report - full and immediate public release
9/8/2004 Islam Hadhari - will injustices like Anwar, LGE, Irene, Ezam cases won't recur?
6/8/2004 CJ Fairuz - ensure immediate FC judgment on Anwar sodomy appeal
5/8/2004 End rigmarole of "search and relocate" Chinese primary school with few pupils
4/8/2004 Radzi Select Committee - Confusion Galore
3/8/2004 War on crime - new Parliamentary Select Committee needed