Archive - April 2004  

30/4/2004 Kadir should foot bill for BN victory banquet in Angkasapuri
29/4/2004 Suhakam's 4-day limbo - intensive human rights education for Cabinet
28/4/2004 Analects of Confucius - teach all BN leaders and not just MCA
28/4/2004 Malaysia needs revolution, not just reform, in education
27/4/2004 Cabinet - make national service voluntary for girls, with immediate effect
27/4/2004 World Press Freedom Day 2004 - Kadir's pioneering "mindset change"?
26/4/2004 Truancy school not police problem - Hishamuddin should not "pass the buck"
26/4/2004 Zahir should make greater history by supporting Reform Parliament
25/4/2004 DAP MPs/SAs mean serious business - eight series of visits/consultations
25/4/2004 12 DAP MPs - match BN juggernaut with quality debate/performance
24/4/2004 Suhakam appointments - Param, Raja Aziz, Chandra, Chen Man Hin, Zainur Zacharia
24/4/2004 Close national service "special camps'" - destroys rationale for programme
23/4/2004 National Integrity Plan - major flaws
20/4/2004 LKS statement on NS in Shanghai - "disgusted" by continued "third world mentality"
19/4/2004 LKS statement in Hangzhou - horrified by first NS "rape" case
17/4/2004 No blank cheque for NS programme to spend over RM500 million
16/4/2004 LKS Nanking statement - Landmark judgement quashing Ezam's OSA conviction
13/4/2004 Kadir/Nazri - neo-cons in Cabinet for "1st World Infrastructure, 3rd world Parliamenht"
13/4/2004 Cabinet Committee blueprint to end marginalisation of Indian Malaysians
12/4/2004 Iraq becoming "Bush's Vietnam" - Malaysia should convene NAM meeting
12/4/2004 DAP lawyers to defend 10,000 national service youths
12/4/2004 5,000% increase of Ipoh garbage fees - genuine "technical error"?
12/4/2004 RM11.2 m divorce settlement - Suspend Felcra chairman, Hamzah Zainuddin to explain his immense wealth
11/4/2004 DAP opposes legal action against 10,000 youth absentees of national service
11/4/2004 Parliamentary reforms - Nazri totally out of his depths
11/4/2004 Ka Ting feeling the "Kinta Valley effect" to uphold Merdeka "social contract"
11/4/2004 Mahathir, Ong Ka Ting and Hadi the three greatest casualties of the 2004 general election
9/4/2004 RM100 fine for Minister, Dy Minister, Par. Sec., govt. official for failing to answer an email or letter
8/4/2004 Loss of Kota Melaka, 35-yr DAP fortress - fullest/professional investigation of causes
8/4/2004 Call for Senate Appointment Commission to meet criteria in Art 45 of Constitution
8/4/2004 Malaysian parliamentary caucus on democracy in Myanmar
8/4/2004 School gangsterism - Hishammuddin should avoid knee-jerk reaction
8/4/2004 RM500 million National Service farce - end cult of secrecy
7/4/2004 Full audit of RM500 million spent on national service
7/4/2004 BN leaders "flushed" with arrogance and amnesia from landslide election win
7/4/2004 Start new Parliament with a bang - ambitious reform programme
6/4/2004 BN Code of Ethics - Unethical in no public declaration of assets
6/4/2004 Najib and National Service Council - "turun padang" and come out of air-con offices
4/4/2004 Zahid's declare asset challenge - DAP accepts provided...
4/4/2004 National Higher Education Fund - end discriminatory study loan policy
4/4/2004 DAP calls for a full-fledged public university for Perak
3/4/2004 Farid's murder in hostel by seniors - Karpal to provide legal assistance
3/4/2004 Penang DAP - break the jinx of winning only one state assembly seat in past three elections
3/4/2004 Suspend national service training programme if no end to fights, sexual harassment, indiscipline, etc
3/4/2004 Make Ipoh and Kinta Valley great and exciting again!
2/4/2004 Farid's murder - suspend SM Agama DKPM if its hostel wardens/principal not suspended
2/4/2004 National service - mounting cases of fights, sexual harassment and indiscipline
2/4/2004 Pak Lah's anti-corruption - don't spark second round of nation-wide disappointment
1/4/2004 "Positive and statesmanlike" - Tajol Rosli's response to DAP's 3 parliamentary wins in Kinta Valley
1/4/2004 Integrity Cabinet - Ministers should surprise Pak Lah and nation
1/4/2004 Farid's death at Seremban hostel - wardens and school principal should be suspended immediately