Archive - October 2003  

31/10/2003 RM14.5 billion double-track rail project - Abdullah's first test as PM?
31/10/2003 Pak Lah as PM - Congrats but he may not have a long political honeymoon
30/10/2003 Malaysia after 22 years of Mahathir - why lagged so behind South Korea?
29/10/2003 Mahathir review committee to revamp education system - what happened?
29/10/2003 Non-muslim Malaysians as "kafir zimmi"/"kafir harbi" - new faultline in nation-building
26/10/2003 Will Parliament retaliate against US House of Reps resolution against Mahathir?
25/10/2003 8th Plan Mid-Term Review - Rectify non-Malay imbalance in civil service
25/10/2003 DAP condemns Simon Wiesenthal Centre boycott call against Malaysia
23/10/2003 Mahathir ending with a bang, leaving to Abdullah and country to pick up the pieces
23/10/2003 Deepavali Message - Let light conquer the darkness of the Indian Dilemma in Malaysia
23/10/2003 Plunge of non-Malay ratio in civil service - DAP calls for Special Cabinet task force
23/10/2003 Indian KSU - plunge from stratospheric Treasury to lowly National Unity/Social Development Ministry
22/10/2003 Mahathir's final tasks - secure pardon for Anwar as he had secured pardon for Harun Idris
22/10/2003 DAP rebuts Rahim Tamby Cik - no apology for settlement of defamation suit
22/10/2003 Keng Yaik's Islamic State debate dare - don't chicken out or shut up henceforth
22/10/2003 Is there an Indian KSU, who is he and from which Ministry?
21/10/2003 Public service - 29.7% Chinese and 9.8% Indians in 1980 to 8.2% Chinese and 5.2% Indians in 2003
20/10/2003 LKS accepts Keng Yaik's challenge and proposes debate series on Islamic State
20/10/2003 Zainudin questioning govt and Rahim Noor's roles in Haadyai Peace Accords?
19/10/2003 Samy Vellu's legacy - Indians as underclass and new criminal class
19/10/2003 DAP totally wiped out in next polls - ZAM may be right!
18/10/2003 Malaysia an Islamic state since Merdeka - LKS wants to meet Keng Yaik
18/10/2003 12-pt Putrajaya Declaration - no mention of democracy, human rights, transparency
17/10/2003 Hamid's "apology which is no apology" for Mahathir's anti-Jewish OIC speech
17/10/2003 International furore over Mahathir's "anti-Jewish" speech at OIC Summit
17/10/2003 Pople John Paul II's Silver Jubilee - Parliament should send felicitation
16/10/2003 Irene's 12-month jail sentence - harsh reminder of no springtime for freedom
16/10/2003 Democracy and human rights as Jewish inventions - Mahathir should clarify
16/10/2003 Malaysia among world's 10 least corrupt nations - Kayveas sabotaged Rais
15/10/2003 Saudi Arabia - stirrings for democracy and human rights
15/10/2003 Public review on anti-dumping duty on newsprint - against K-eocnomy objective
15/10/2003 OIC countries among the most corrupt in the world
14/10/2003 Is Abdullah "PM in transit"? Is Najib the new DPM?
14/10/2003 Keng Yaik - Are you senile to claim Malaysia an Islamic State since Merdeka
13/10/2003 AG should withdraw charge against Irene Fernandez tomorrow
13/10/2003 Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize - No sleepwalking by OIC
12/10/2003 OIC Summit - non-Muslims must follow closelhy as it will affect their rights
12/10/2003 MPs' crisis of confidence - 87.5% polled say wrong to submit over RM10,000 claims a month
12/10/2003 Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize - a lightning bolt to OIC Summit
11/10/2003 Malaysia/OIC should hail first Muslim woman Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi
10/10/2003 No Bar Council EGM quorum - not death of issue of judicial transparency
10/10/2003 9th ASEAN Bali Summit - how will it be remembered by history?
10/10/2003 AG should instruct Police to apologise to malaysiakini for raid and seizures
9/10/2003 ASEAN Bali summit aided/abetted Myanmar junta against Burmese democracy
9/10/2003 14 ACA squads to investigate MPs - a disgrace both to Parliament and ACA
8/10/2003 Sabah kidnapping - upgrade OIC Summit security
8/10/2003 TI's CPI 2003 - will Abdullah declare all-out war against corruption?
8/10/2003 Parliament should debate the Chin Peng question to prove it is not irrelevant
7/10/2003 Chin Peng - Zainudin questioning Mahathir legacy of 1989 Haadyai Peace Accords
6/10/2003 Burmese foreign minister trying to emulate Muhammed Saeed - Iraqi Information Minister
5/10/2003 Malaysia as model Islamic State - Abdul Hamid wrong on all three claims
5/10/2003 Excessive MPs claims - 4 questions to ACA
5/10/2003 Open Letter to ASEAN Leaders - ASEAN Summit and Bali Concord ii
4/10/2003 Ong Ka Ting should be first Minister to face RM10 salary cut in 2004 budget debate
4/10/2003 Bali Concord II - Defer indefinitely or exclude Myanmar
4/10/2003 "No maintenance culture" - Abdullah should look after own backyard first
4/10/2003 Excessive claims - 5-pt MPs' Action Plan to clear every MP of wrongdoing
3/10/2003 Razali's fruitless/futile 11th visit to Burma - suspend junta from Bali Summit
3/10/2003 White Paper on Chin Peng/CPM Peace Accord - debate invite to Firdaus Abdullah
3/10/2003 Lawyers - turn up in full force for EGM and don't let Mahathir browbeat them
3/10/2003 5 steps to restore Parliament's credibility/integrity - Nor Omar should resign
2/10/2003 Indian Malaysians as underclass - a new time bomb
2/10/2003 Challenge to Rais - Publicise/investigate all MPs claims over RM5,000 a month
1/10/2003 Razali's 11th visit to Burma - last chance for Myanmar to come in from the cold
1/10/2003 Harun Hashim - great/independent judge: DAP public meeting to pay tribute
1/10/2003 Excessive MP claims - Committee of Privileges should haul up ACA