Archive - November 2003  


30/11/2003 Will Abdullah continue to protect Samy Vellu has Mahathir had done for 20 years?
29/11/2003 Abdullah as new PM - time to go beyond tokenism and spell out new policies
28/11/2003 Stop road carnage - not just during holidays but all-year-round
28/11/2003 DAP calls for public inquiry into NKVE rockslide - PWD/PLUS negligence
27/11/2003 NKVE rockslide - why no prior public warning or preventive measures?
27/11/2003 Abdullah should appoint DPM to attend CHOGM 2003 in Abuja
27/11/2003 Cabinet mission - Slash by half the annual road carnage of 6,000 lives within a year
24/11/2003 Selamat Hari Raya - Food for thought
24/11/2003 The scalping of Abdullah Ahmad intersects four issues
23/11/2003 Islamic state nation-building crisis - two important reasons
21/11/2003 Is Samy Vellu fighting for his political life?
21/11/2003 Abdullah Ahmad sacked as NST editor-in-chief - feeling the "steel" of Abdullah the PM
20/11/2003 Convention Against Corruption - Malaysia's role to bring it into force next month
19/11/2003 PAS Islamic State blueprint - why omission of UDHR in BM master text but specifically mentioned in English translation?
18/11/2003 DAP welcomes pay increase for cops but wants police to end rising fear of crime
18/11/2003 MAIKA-GATE - Abdullah should set up commission of inquiry
18/11/2003 Cabinet meeting tomorrow critical test of Abdullah's "corruption-free" Malaysia
16/11/2003 Five Questions on PAS Islamic State blueprint
16/11/2003 Keng Yaik's support for Islamic State - greatest national disservice
16/11/2003 Abdullah - suspend Printing Presses Act and OSA to create air of press freedom
16/11/2003 Abuses/Corruption of honours system - Call for Royal Commission of Inquiry
16/11/2003 KLCAH registration - test of Abdullah's government "beyond suspicion"
15/11/2003 Abdullah passed his first 14 days as PM with flying colours in pledges
14/11/2003 PAS Islamic State blueprint - ratchet up UMNO-PAS competition to out-Islam each other
14/11/2003 Double-tracking rail project - Abdullah and Cabinet must get act together
14/11/2003 Abdullah - stop "privatise profits, nationalise losses" privatisation
13/11/2003 PAS Islamic State - incompatible with democracy and latest Islamisation spiral
12/11/2003 PAS Islamic State blueprint - violates 1999 BA Common Manifesto
12/11/2003 Unfair double tracking rail award - avert trade war with China and India
11/11/2003 Nathan injunction against Bar at odds with Abdullah's "Tell the truth" spirit
11/11/2003 Abdullah's "Tell the truth" - send clear message for free and fair press
11/11/2003 Review Anti-Corruption Act 1997 - why no "shark" netted in past six years?
10/11/2003 DAP calls for nation-wide "Tell the truth to the PM" campaign
9/11/2003 First "truth" for Abdullah - allow Anwar to go to Munich for spinal surgery
9/11/2003 ACA probe in excessive parliamentary claims - a farce and charade
8/11/2003 Double-tracking rail project - cancel MMC-Gamuda award and re-open bidding
8/11/2003 Refer anti-terrorism bills to Select Committee - Abdullah should support Teresa's motion
7/11/2003 Parliament should form all-party standing committee, headed by Opposition MP, to fight corruption
7/11/2003 Abdullah's first week as PM - are things better, worse or the same?
6/11/2003 Abdullah - withdraw anti-terrorism bills from Parliament to seek civil society consultation
6/11/2003 Abdullah's "corruption-free" government - Ministers must establish new credentials
5/11/2003 Restore separation of powers to "finest hour" of judiciary 1986-88
5/11/2003 IGP Bakri's top challenge - end the fear of crime in country
4/11/2003 Great Abdullah start for Incorruptible government - Ministers publicly declare assets
4/11/2003 DAP's first critique of Abdullah as 5th Prime Minister
3/11/2003 Abdullah - restore public confidence in Parliament
3/11/2003 Abdullah holding home and finance portfolios is it a sign of political strength or political  weakness?