Archive - May 2003  


31/5/2003 Cabinet decision on National service programme: Why Malaysians must learn from Singapore Straits Times?
31/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Final Countdown - Mahathir's credibility at Evian G8 Summit at stake
31/5/2003 Two educational targets - one world-class varsity and be among Asia's top 10 varsities
30/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 2: Did Dollah sign ISA extension orders before going "Down Under"?
30/5/2003 Commission on Quality of Malaysian Higher Education
29/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 3: Suhakam should break its thunderous silence
29/5/2003 Three building-blocks for academic excellence - no P.R. gimmicry
28/5/2003 Academic excellence greater magnet for foreign students than education bureaus overseas
27/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Coundown Day 5: Test of Abdullah's "First World Infrastructure/Mentality" Vision
26/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 6 - Immediate release, no need to wait for June 1
26/5/2003 Ling's status as Transport Minister completely untenable
25/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 7 - Plea to Bar Council and lawyers to speak out in these crucial few days
24/5/2003 Countdown Day 8: Reformasi 6 - Dy Home Minister's tacit admission of unlawful detention
24/5/2003 Ka Ting - let Kong Choy be Acting MCA President until completion of inquiry into MCA "black gold" politics
23/5/2003 Indonesian Army massacre of Aceh civilians - NAM/ASEAN fact-finding missions
23/5/2003 4.5% economic growth from stimulus package - Mahathir in denial
23/5/2003 Nine-day countdown for reformasi 5 - release or another 2-year ISA detention
22/5/2003 Malaysian initiatives to return Aceh conflict to the negotiating table
22/5/2003 University meritocracy system - not just illusion but the substance of merit
22/5/2003 MTUC and CUEPACS - thrash out differences on EPF and take unified stand
21/5/2003 Challenge to Abu Talib: Suhakam inquiry into Operation Lalang mass ISA arrests
21/5/2003 Election Commission - don't be ostrich with head in the sand and stop playing favourties between ruling and opposition parties
21/5/2003 MCA CC Friday meeting - don't forget rights of an entire generation to affordable quality tertiary education
20/5/2003 Is Malaysia losing another war against terrorism with grave economic consequences?
20/5/2003 Samy Vellu (Indians lose out in meritocracy?) and Liong Sik's "kow-tow"
19/5/2003 Terrorist Alert Travel Advisories on Malaysia - are they hostile enemy actions?
19/5/2003 Joint common stand on Election Commission - Proposal to all political parties
19/5/2003 End unprofessional "Meritocracy without merit" - common exam with 80% merit and 20% needs system
18/5/2003 Review government handling of Malaysia-US relationship
18/5/2003 Constituency election monitoring squad - most ridiculous EC proposal so far
17/5/2003 Code of Conduct for Caretaker Government after dissolution of Parliament
16/5/2003 Reject "929 Declaration" - first and last opportunity
16/5/2003 Malaysia ranked No. 4 in competitiveness - no ground for euphoria
16/5/2003 "Akujanji" for EC Chairman and members to conduct free, fair and clean elections
16/5/2003 Campaign of non-co-operation if no Kadir apology for his "patriotism" aspersion
15/5/2003 Vesak Day - Malaysia as bridge between civilisations to promote international peace
15/5/2003 Cabinet - appoint Param to head Judiclal Reform Commission
14/5/2003 4-issue FEER hold-up because of over RM10 billion Renong bail-out article?
14/5/2003 Is Abdul Kadir more patriotic than ordinary Malaysians?
13/5/2003 Malaysia's Al-Jazeera - instrument of BN propaganda or forerunner of press liberalisation?
13/5/2003 Kadir should apologise for questioning patriotism of Malaysian Chinese or be replaced as National Day organising committee chairman
12/5/2003 Assaults on Tian Chua/Hishammudin - reminder of Anwar's "black-eye" assault by IGP
12/5/2003 Samy's "new Malaysian Indian" - could not last more than 24 hours
12/5/2003 Mahathir should not play party politics with Pax Americana
11/5/2003 Abdullah's First 100 Days and M's three fallacies for stronger BN win in next polls
10/5/2003 Govt rebuttal to The Economist raised embarrassing questions about Mahathir premiership
9/5/2003 Election Commission should launch three-month clean-up of "dirty" electoral roll
9/5/2003 Assign Najib to write a more substantive/credible rebuttal to The Economist
9/5/2003 Abdullah "passed with flying colours" as Acting PM - but so did Anwar in 1997!
8/5/2003 DAP offers common stand with MIC to demand minimum living monthly wage of RM750 for estate workers
8/5/2003 MCA black-gold politics - are OTK's two names in the poison-pen letter?
8/5/2003 Kickstart stalled political dialogue in Burma - should be agenda in June ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Cambodia
7/5/2003 Clean up 2.8 million phantom voters or no-confidence parliament motion on EC
7/5/2003 One "black sheep" judge is one too many - re-cast Judge's Code of Conduct
7/5/2003 Ong Ka Ting should ask for Commission of Inquiry into allegation that he is ring-leader of MCA black-gold politics
6/5/2003 40 JMTM journalists - press charter to report freely about Malaysia
6/5/2003 Drop "No absolute media freedom" mantra - excuse for press censorship
6/5/2003 Review system of appointing judges - Abdullah should keep open mind
5/5/2003 Is OIC Summit postponed to next April and is PM's retirement still on schedule?
5/5/2003 Press Freedom - worse than score of countries with less than one-tenth Malaysian per capita GNP
4/5/2003 Next General Election - Three great challenges
4/5/2003 Abdullah should revive ABC slogan when he becomes Prime Minister
4/5/2003 Malaysia Media Council - to usher in press freedom or entrench unfree press
3/5/2003 DAP supports Rais - strip criminals of titles, starting with Rahim Noor
3/5/2003 ZAM ill-informed, illogical, conceited, insufferable, offensive and dangerous
2/5/2003 The Economist - Release April 24 issue while preparing government rebuttal
2/5/2003 MTUC picket against EPF dividend on 21st May - DAP CEC to meet on Sunday
1/5/2003 White Paper - Strategy to restore multi-racial civil service, police and armed forces
1/5/2003 Economist ban exemplifies "First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality"