Archive - July 2003  

31/7/2003 New custom devices to detect drugs and firearms - have tests been conducted?
31/7/2003 RM64 million FSFM scam - everything can be bought with a price in Malaysia?
31/7/2003 Outcome of six-year ACA report on Liong Sik/Hee Leong - why change of stand in a matter of hours?
30/7/2003 ACA closed case on Liong Sik/Hee Leong as "no offence disclosed" - satisfactory/convincing reasons needed
29/7/2003 Email to Abdullah on Ling Liong Sik, Jackie Chan, Sio Sam Ong and police
29/7/2003 Police's colonial mentality of regarding itself as "Tuan" and people "subjects"
27/7/2003 Should police publicly apologise to Jackie Chan?
27/7/2003 Musa or Aziz - who is right on Education Ministry's liability on computer lab fiasco
27/7/2003 DAP calls for nation-wide movement to protect/enhance Tunku's nation-building formula of no Islamic State
26/7/2003 Judicial promotions - Invite ICJ mission to verify whether they comply with UN principles
26/7/2003 Jackie Chan's resignation does not clear MCA of triad allegations
26/7/2003 RM140 million computer lab scandal - Education Ministry not "totally blameless"
25/7/2003 Liong Sik's legacy - free MCA from the joke "Malaysian Criminals Association"
25/7/2003 Mahathir should order public inquiry to clear MCA and government of triad infiltration/influence
24/7/2003 ACA's lightning investigation on Hilmi but snail-crawl probe on Liong Sik/Hee Leong
24/7/2003 MCA -"Money Counts All" - now lampooned as "Malaysian Criminals Association"
23/7/2003 ASEAN should issue ultimatum to Myanmar on ASSK's release or face suspension and expulsion
23/7/2003 Welcome for lifting of ICT ban drowned by sea of concern about judicial promotions tomorrow
23/7/2003 MCA triad politics - DAP to refer Zainal Abidin to Privileges Committee for misleading Parliament
22/7/2003 Ban on AWAM anti-rape march - Brickfields police sided with criminals and crime
22/7/2003 Hilmi's exoneration - will ACA announce result of all investigations after 85% of probe?
22/7/2003 Jackie Chan triad influence - Ka Ting should step down as Minister/MCA President until cleared by judicial inquiry
21/7/2003 ASEAN-EU strategy on Burma - Mahathir should match tough actions with tough words
21/7/2003 Public Commission of Inquiry to clear MCA/Ka Ting of triad infiltration/influence
20/7/2003 DAP standing offer to form new secular Opposition Front
20/7/2003 Cabinet should censure police ban of AWAM anti-rape/violence gathering
19/7/2003 Is government, not just MCA, tainted by triad politics?
18/7/2003 Triad activities and criminality reaching new level of lawlessness
18/7/2003 September Parliament - reject EPF 2002 Annual Report to demand dialogue and not monologue
18/7/2003 Campaign against rape and violence: 3-point urgent email to Abdullah
18/7/2003 ACA should step in on formation of Klang Municipal Council horse unit
18/7/2003 Musa Mohamad - stumbling from one educational blunder to another
17/7/2003 Three questions for the Klang Municipal Council about its newly-formed horse crime unit
17/7/2003 EPF reappointments of Zainal and Amirsham - Violate EPF Code of Corporate Governance
17/7/2003 Awam anti-rape march on Sunday - Abdullah should countermand police ban
16/7/2003 DAP supports Federal Court halt to mega defamation suits
16/7/2003 The "fishy" EPF 2002 Annual Report and why Zainal Rampak should resign as EPF Board member
15/7/2003 DSAI cases - DAP calls for AG's double review/withdrawals
14/7/2003 EPF full-page newspaper advertorials cannot be substitute for transparency/hard work
14/7/2003 AG promises action on Ipoh killing of Lam Yee Kwai with eight gun shots last October
13/7/2003 Reinstate ISA 7 varsity students - Musa's "Shylock" mentality deplorable
13/7/2003 Free Anwar on bail and start depoliticisation of administration of justice
12/7/2003 DAP's 5-point Proposal to reduce crime and fear of crime
12/7/2003 Declaring assets by candidates - DAP calls UMNO's bluff
11/7/2003 AG - explain DNAA in Ipoh case of Lam Yee Kwai, killed last October after 8 gun shots
11/7/2003 National Service Training Bill - campaign to petition King to withhold Royal Assent
11/7/2003 Public asset declaration by election candidates - challenge to Parliament to pass law in September
10/7/2003 Immediate test of ACA's new transparency - outcomes of investigations into Liong Sik
9/7/2003 Inquiry to identify Sabah "political locusts" and stop the rot before Sabah is poorer than Kelantan
6/7/2003 Dewan Negara - Mother of All Rubber Stamp
5/7/2003 Vison 2020 for Malaysia - Sabah Trailing Behind Kelantan
5/7/2003 DAP to meet IGP on double rise of crime rate and fear of crime
4/7/2003 "Political locusts" laid Sabah barren in 40 years
4/7/2003 With only 7%, police force with world's lowest percentage of crime-fighters?
4/7/2003 Cabinet - support Anwar's bail application on July 14
4/7/2003 ASSK's release and democratisation in Burma: Mahathir must take tough line
4/7/2003 3-month National Service - carry out in Forms 4 and 5
3/7/2003 Norian Mai's "Mesra, Cepat and Betul" police motto - is it a success?
3/7/2003 Police should admit its error about police-population ratio instead of evading the issue
2/7/2003 World-class universities - Quality Framework more important than Qualifications Framework
2/7/2003 National Policing Plan to reduce crime and the fear of crime
1/7/2003 MCA now stands for "Marginalised Chinese Party"
1/7/2003 Gross police unprofessionalism embarrassing DPM - IGP should apologise