Archive - January 2003

30/1/2003 Thai/Cambodia and Malaysia/Spore conflicts - ASEAN conflict resolution
30/1/2003 CNY Message - Cherish and uphold Tunku's legacy
30/1/2003 Ahmad Ismail as Penang Super Councillor - setback for good urban governance
30/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - Mahathir's lament of "no trust and no good governance"
29/1/2003 "Hopes springs eternal" - call on Mahathir to intervene in malaysiakini case
29/1/2003 DAP calls for an education revolution to make Malaysia a centre of excellence
29/1/2003 Dengue epidemic - Chua should emulate Brazil and declare aedes mosquito Public Enemy No. 1
28/1/2003 Dengue epidemic/deaths - Chua's short comment more damning than his long silence
28/1/2003 Chinese primary schools not the cause of racial polarisation
28/1/2003 Malaysia-Singapore spat - set up Eminent Persons Group (EPG) to resolve
27/1/2003 Continuing violation of "mother of all human rights" in Malaysia - DAP complains to Suhakam
26/1/2003 Dengue epidemic - DAP to lodge complaint with Suhakam at rampant violation of the most fundamental human right to life
26/1/2003 Mahathir's "Third World War" warning in Davos - DAP endorsement
26/1/2003 Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) fatality rate - 1,000% higher than 7th Plan target of less than 1%
25/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - were dengue deaths last year in three digits and not just 57?
25/1/2003 National and world boycott of PC Suria if it does not retract eviction notice to Malaysiakini
24/1/2003 UMNO Youth prepared to dialogue on press freedom - even bigger political joke of the year!
24/1/2003 Bill of Indictment against Chua Jui Meng for failure as Health Minister
24/1/2003 Malaysiakini raid threatens MSC's survival - IAP members should protest to Mahathir
23/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - nation-wide campaign to demand resignation of Health Minister Chua Jui Meng
22/1/2003 The dengue deaths of three Wazir and Wong girls within 17 days - who were the real killers
21/1/2003 Malaysiakini police crackdown - triple blow to democracy, MSC and K-economy
20/1/2003 DAP's target for next general election - to win 30 - 35 parliamentary seats
20/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - why Singapore "Boleh" and Malaysia "Tak Boleh"?
19/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - Health Ministry finally concedes 32,289 dengue cases as of 28.12.02
19/1/2003 Keng Yaik - political joke of the year
18/1/2003 Quality education for primary, secondary, tertiary, mother-tongue and ICT - top national agenda
18/1/2003 Some 80 dengue deaths - DAP/Karpal Singh free legal service
18/1/2003 RM10 billion Valuecap - can it recoup KWAP's RM500 million losses in Time dotCom IPO?
17/1/2003 Dengue death toll climbs - Perak State Exco guilty of 3is - insensitive, inefficient and irresponsible
17/1/2003 Finance Ministry should publish list of fundamental value of all stocks
17/1/2003 UMNO election campaign to recapture Kelantan - opening salvo
16/1/2003 At least four dengue deaths in first 14 days of new year - DAP convenes roundtable conference on dengue epidemic in KL on Wednesday
16/1/2003 Tunku's birth centenary on Feb. 8 - DAP calls for month-long commemoration
15/1/2003 Suhakam - has it made a difference for human rights in Malaysia
15/1/2003 Over 72 deaths last year in dengue epidemic - final email appeal to Mahathir
15/1/2003 Next general election should not be held without a clean electoral roll free of phantom voters
14/1/2003 Cabinet tomorrow should take a stand on the RM10 billion Valuecap operation to prop up share market
13/1/2003 RM10 billion Valuecap share-market play - another mega financial disaster in the making?
13/1/2003 Mahathir's premiership - why Malaysia lagged so far behind South Korea to reach developed nation status?
13/1/2003 Teng has bright future if he can learn the lessons of the DAPSY election defeat
12/1/2003 10 tasks for Mahathir in the nexr 9 1/2 months
11/1/2003 Make NAM Summit a success - Malaysia and Singapore should stop bickering and squabbling
10/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - DAP to convene all party/NGOs/mass media meeting
9/1/2003 More than 66 dengue deaths last year - DAP gives 48-hr ultimatum to Chua Jui Meng
8/1/2003 Majority of dengue cases/deaths Malays - UMNO Ministers, where are you?
8/1/2003 Liong Sik's days in Cabinet are numbered - question is whether days or months
7/1/2003 Worst dengue epidemic with over 60 deaths - four-point email to Mahathir
7/1/2003 Mahathir no lame-duck PM - his arrogance of power even worse than his first 21 years in office
6/1/2003 Jalan Kuching toll - Kamunting nets RM275 million profit or RM17 million a year for 16 years
6/1/2003 Malaysia/Singapore Govts - stop petty games and refer Pulau Batu Puteh to ICJ within a week
5/1/2003 PAS/UMNO - listen to Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah on Islamic state and syariah?
5/1/2003 Cabinet anti-dengue campaign committee to end feud of two Ministers
4/1/2003 KLIA - eternal national nightmare without ever being "airport of century"
4/1/2003 Penang MCA duo, Kenyan elections and corruption
4/1/2003 54 dengue deaths - DAP offers legal aid to sue Health and Local Govt. Ministries
3/1/2003 54 Dengue deaths - UMNO Youth commended for speaking up
3/1/2003 Malaysia's terrorism-free New Year first step to eradicate "terrorism centre" image
2/1/2003 Hambali - how could he get Class E contractors' licence and govt tenders?
2/1/2003 DAP Memo to Mahathir - suspend Jui Meng and Ka Ting as Ministers
1/1/2003 Dengue outbreak - strong protests against two Ministries