Archive - February 2003 

28/2/2003 Oil weapon against US - why Malaysia only country after Iraq advocating it?
28/2/2003 NEAC target of 50,000 foreign students by 2007 - too low and should be trebled
28/2/2003 Dengue epidemic - promise to remove the "gag" after NAM Summit broken
28/2/2003 SPM top scorers - a new educational ethos of performance and achievement
27/2/2003 All-party roundtable conference on Malaysia's leadership role in NAM
27/2/2003 Dengue epidemic - Why Khir Toyo content Selangor be Third World state?
26/2/2003 Third Suhakam report if Cabinet ban on dengue info not lifted
26/2/2003 White Paper and special parliamentary debate - 13th NAM Summit and Malaysia as Chair
26/2/2003 Tunku's Centennial - Cabinet should declare Feb 8 Bapa Malaysia Day
25/2/2003 Another Five Points to make NAM relevant and start revitalisation
25/2/2003 Khir Toyo confirms Cabinet imposed ban on release of dengue information this year
24/2/2003 Who is lying about the dengue epidemic - Sulaiman Mohamad or Tang See Hang?
24/2/2003 Mahathir upsets non-Muslim Malaysians strongly opposed to US unilateral war against Iraq
24/2/2003 Open Letter to 13th NAM Summit - Five points for NAM to be relevant again
23/2/2003 KL NAM Final Declaration - Make history by focussing on corruption
23/2/2003 Change NAM rules to offer NAM Chair to Mahathir instead of host Malaysia?
23/2/2003 Dengue epidemic - lives of Malaysians sacrificed in the name of NAM
22/2/2003 Tunku's Birthday Centenary Remembrance Night in KL on March 7
22/2/2003 NAM - Can Mahathir succeed where Mandela, Mbeki and other Third World "giants" have failed?
22/2/2003 Khir Toyo - clean up dengue areas and save lives first instead of raiding vice dens
21/2/2003 IMLD 2004 - a thousand celebrations and not just by two organisations
21/2/2003 NAM Summit - a "talk fest" of hypocrisy and double standards?
21/2/2003 IMLD - Parliament and Penang State Assembly should approve recognition/observance
21/2/2003 Selangor more than 600% higher incidence of dengue cases than Singapore from Jan. 5 - 11, 2003
20/2/2003 Khir Toyo - a rare breed of BN leaders who use and not just talk IT
19/2/2003 LKS's 62nd birthday wish - Fulfil Tunku's 80th birthday wish
19/2/2003 13th NAM Summit - will it have greater impact than anti-war global people power?
19/2/2003 Second email to Khir Toyo - why UMNO leaders aid/abet MCA A/B mishandling of dengue epidemic
18/2/2003 Hafiz - All-England champion: the pride of all Malaysians
18/2/2003 Peace Malaysia patron and chief spokesman - Hishammuddin should withdraw
18/2/2003 Mahathir's pleas to govt to be IT-savvy the past 7 years all gone down the drain
18/2/2003 Cabinet and Penang put to shame if Kelantan/Terengganu can recognise IMLD first
18/2/2003 PORR - shows who wields de facto poliical power in Penang
17/2/2003 MMA blind, dumb and deaf on dengue deaths - forever a blot on its record and history
17/2/2003 MCA power struggle - both A & B Ministers grossly irresponsible
17/2/2003 Observe IMLD and emulate Luxemburg - rich because of its trilingualism
16/2/2003 Recognise International Mother Language Day - DAP lobby of Cabinet/Penang Exco
16/2/2003 Police - learn from global peace protests by millions, including US and UK
15/2/2003 Dengue cases last year - Selangor has 140% higher incidence than Singapore although both have same 4.1 million population
15/2/2003 Declare dengue Selangor Public Enemy No. 1 - at least five deaths in Taman Nirwana, Ampang in two months
15/2/2003 NAM should send a clear message to Bush
15/2/2003 Declare dengue Selangor Public Enemy No. 1 - at least five deaths in Taman Nirwana, Ampang in two months
14/2/2003 MCA power struggle threatens lives and rights of Malaysians
14/2/2003 "Dengue-free" and "aedes-mosquito no-fly zone" only for NAM locality in KL
14/2/2003 Sabah Chief Minister - postpone rotation to UMNO until Kadazandusuns have full four years in office
14/2/2003 Iraq "rogue state" no justification for US to become "super-rogue state"
14/2/2003 National or national-type primary schools - give parents full freedom of choice
13/2/2003 Worst dengue epidemic - DAP's Suhakam report on second set of human rights violations
13/2/2003 Will Bush join Osama bin Laden as the two greatest threats to world peace?
12/2/2003 Marie Huhtala - symbol of US hyper-power arrogance?
12/2/2003 Merdeka/National Stadiums - fifth injustice to Tunku's memory within a week
12/2/2003 Election Commission - come down to earth! A clean/comprehensive voters' list before e-voting
11/2/2003 Ahmad Nor - Symbol of Bangsa Malaysia 30 years ahead of Mahathir's Vision 2020
11/2/2003 Tribute or challenge Tunku's credentials as Bapa Kemerdekaan - purpose of official Tunku birthday centenary seminar?
10/2/2003 Iraq must disarm WMD but any unilateral US war on Iraq no less an act of international lawlessness
10/2/2003 Ahmad's MPPP elevation - adding salt to wound of anti-PORR Penangites
10/2/2003 Education review - Cabinet should not allow hijacking by UMNO Supreme Council
9/2/2003 Less than 5% of eligible voters registered - Election Commission a big flop
9/2/2003 KLIA jinx to the RM400 million baggage-handling system - shortage of 1,800 tubs?
8/2/2003 Abdullah as 5th PM - one-third of present Cabinet should go
8/2/2003 International Mother Language Day on Feb. 21 - DAP calls for formal observation
8/2/2003 Injustice to memory, contribution and legacy of Tunku on his 100th birthday
7/2/2003 Liong Sik's undated Cabinet resignation letter - nine-month reprieve
7/2/2003 National Patients' Safety Council - protect patients or help govt cover-up?
6/2/2003 Tunku's 100th birthday - call for more high-level and inspirational commemoration
6/2/2003 FIT - secret police unit which determines fate of cabinet ministers?
6/2/2003 Dengue blackout - two more deaths in January or at least 15 deaths for the month
6/2/2003 Powell's multimedia presentation - no "smoking gun"/no iron-clad case for war on Iraq
5/2/2003 Chua Jui Meng's Marie Antoinette "no bread, eat cake" response
4/2/2003 KLIA breakdowns - still "teething" problems or facing "obsolescence"?
3/2/2003 BN Mentris Besar, Chief Ministers and State Excos should resign to Abdullah in October
2/2/2003 Abdulah's first test of Prime Ministerial leadership