White Paper on the Malaysian connection to Jemaah Islamiah and al- Qaeda is even more urgent and imperative  with two Malaysians probably in Guantanamo Bay and two Malaysians on   top of the wanted JI list for Marriot, Bali and other bombings while Malaysians traveling to USA and UK subjected to suspicious and hostile harassment

Media Statement
Lim Kit Siang

(PenangWednesday): A Government White Paper in Parliament next month on the Malaysian connection to Jemaah Islamiah  (JI) and al-Qaeda has become even more urgent and imperative with two recent developments: 

  • Malaysia’s high international profile in the latest  series of developments on the international terrorism scene, particularly the Marriot hotel bomb blasts in Jakarta on August 5 which killed 12 people and injured almost 150 and the arrest in Ayutthaya, Thailand last Tuesday of  al Qaeda’s top man in Asia and operations chief of JI, Riduan Isamuddin aka Hambali  - and the revelation  that two Malaysians are in American custody and  probably in  the infamous Guantanamo Bay, hooded and shackled,  while two other Malaysians  are top of the wanted JI list  for the Marriot, Bali and other terrorist  bombings.
  • Malaysians facing more and more harassments when they go overseas, especially the United States and United Kingdom, being subjected to intensive search at immigration and long questioning reminiscent of the treatment of Arabs and Muslims  immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks when it was discovered  that 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

This is an email which I received today about how the Malaysian connection to JI and al-Qaeda had adversely impacted on Malaysians and their  interests:

“Stories of harrassment by Malaysian visitors to USA and Britain abound. Intensive search at immigration and long questioning is the welcome for Malaysians. Suspicious and hostile attitude displayed for visitors from Malaysia of whatever race. 

“Travelling without a return ticket is a sure way to get sent back on the next flight 

“This is the sad picture for countries blacklisted as al Qaeda infested. 

 “Politicians should realize  that this blacklisting is no more Western propaganda.  Marriott hotel bombing is a painful message for top Barisan leaders.   

“The numbers of students from China in UK and USA  are jumping by leaps and bounds and are welcome with open arms.  Our students are having a rough time to get visas for studies in these countries. 

“What is the impact on foreign investment and tourism? There is real danger to the economy.” 

The two  Malaysian JI operatives  in US custody and probably in the Guantanamo Bay detention base in  Cuba are  Zubair Mohamad, captured in Bangkok in June, and a person known by his alias Li-Li, captured in Bangkok  on August 11, whose arrests  led to the capture  of Hambali,  who is linked to some 300 murders and believed to be involved in every major terrorist plot in the region, including the church bombings on Christmas 2000 in Indonesia and the Philippines, the Bali and Marriot hotel bombings. 

The two Malaysians top on the wanted JI list for the Bali and Marriot hotel bombings are  Dr. Azahari  Husin, whom the Indonesian Police have fingered as the bomb-maker of the Bali bomb blasts and the head of a 16-strong group which blasted the Marriot Hotel; and Noordin Mohammad Top – both of whom were with Hambali at the Bangkok “terror summit” in February last year when JI switched to “soft targets” and planned the Bali bombing. 

Azahari is widely named as one of the two persons who are most-likely candidates to take over the helm of Jemaah Islamiah after the capture of Hambali. This prominence  will only give the Malaysian connection to JI and al Qaeda an even higher international profile with adverse impacts to Malaysian interests. 

At the Federal Territory DAP State Convention on Sunday, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Kepong, Dr. Tan Seng Giaw, had called on the Malaysian Government to present a White Paper  in Parliament on al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiah,  Hambali and the latest situation report in Malaysia’s  war on international  terror and how the Malaysian connection to JI and al-Qaeda has adversely affected Malaysian national and economic interests.  This is a call which deserves the support  not only of all MPs, regardless of party affiliation, but also of all civic organizations and Malaysians.


* Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Chairman