Malay contractors,  UMNO leaders at all levels and Federal/state authorities  in Peninsular Malaysia  should hold their heads in shame at Mahathirís comment that Sabah should serve as their  role model for computer laboratory and other development projects

Media Statement
y Lim Kit Siang

(Petaling JayaSaturday): The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad  yesterday expressed satisfaction with the smooth implementation of the construction of school computer laboratory projects in Sabah and said  they should serve as a role model to similar projects being carried out in other states.

It is not just Malay contractors but UMNO leaders at all levels in Peninsular Malaysia who  should hold their heads in shame especially with his comment:

"We all know that so many computer laboratories in Peninsular Malaysia are not built properly but in Sabah they have been built orderly and not even one project faced problem.  The projects have no problem with elected representatives, no problem with government officers...everybody is satisfied.

"I think it is good if contractors from Peninsular Malaysia come here and see -- see only, don't disturb -- how Sabah implements its development programmes.

"Schools are built properly, similarly hospitals and teachers' quarters. Everything is being done well by contractors in Sabah with the supervision of the state authorities."

If Mahathir is right, then it is a not only an indictment  on the Malay contractors and  the UMNO leaders at all levels but also on the competence, dedication and professionalism of the Federal and State authorities in  Peninsular Malaysia Ė with the blame going all the way up to the Federal Cabinet!  Then, it is not  just Malay contractors from Peninsular Malaysia who should go  to Sabah, Federal Ministers and state government  leaders and UMNO officials should also go to Sabah to learn from their counterparts how to implement simple construction projects like school computer laboratories costing some RM300,000 each!

Mahathir should present a White Paper in Parliament when it reconvenes on 2nd September to give the reasons as to why after 22 years of his premiership, there is such a drastic decline  in the performance, capability, dedication  and integrity of Malay contractors, UMNO leaders at all levels and Federal and state authorities in Peninsular Malaysia as reflected by his statement yesterday.


* Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Chairman