Archive - April 2003  

30/4/2003 Perwaja probe completion - waiting until 7th or 8th Prime Minister?
30/4/2003 Workers unite - deny BN 2/3 parliamentary majority!
30/4/2003 Bleak 2003 May Day for Malaysian workers - quadruple whammy for economy
30/4/2003 Ban on Economist - whole Publication and Control Division to be sacked?
29/4/2003 Malaysia on top of "US hit-list" for opposing US war on Iraq?
29/4/2003 Abdullah and Cabinet - rethink about Economist ban
28/4/2003 Thillainathan's caustic critique of EPF mal-governance - DAP calls for nation-wide campaign
28/4/2003 End UMNO frenzy on The Economist - Focus on 2003 World Press Freedom Day
28/4/2003 MCA "Black Gold" Politics - Political SARS virus which must be rooted out
27/4/2003 Lowest EPF dividend in 40 years - Zainal Rampak's credibility at stake
27/4/2003 Economist furore - proxy battle for post-Mahathir UMNO
26/4/2003 Second gambling licence - Adnan should apologise for insensitive/insulting remark
26/4/2003 Ban The Economist? Chor doing Abdullah a grave disservice
26/4/2003 Cabinet ministers should undergo human rights education
25/4/2003 EPF and PN4 companies - what is the true position?
25/4/2003 "First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality" - legacy of 23 year Mahathir rule?
24/4/2003 Voters registration - EC's duty is not just to Putrajaya but to whole country
24/4/2003 Terengganu an Islamic state after 1999 - violation of BA common manifesto
24/4/2003 RM1 billion Valuecap fund down the drain
23/4/2003 Home Ministry's inane and meaningless verbiage on ISA and human rights
23/4/2003 SARS cover-up - Chua should thank Chinese press for saving him from the catastrophic mistake of Chinese Health Minister
23/4/2003 EPF - prove it is leader of best practices in transparency/good governance
22/4/2003 Release stimulus package before May Day - end impression of government indecisiveness, confusion and even paralysis
22/4/2003 Cabinet should declare 4.25% EPF dividend "provisional" and order full EPF inquiry
21/4/2003 Abdullah's "thankful for little mercies" statement on 4.25 EPF dividend unworthy of next PM of Malaysia
20/4/2003 National Economic Summit to address worsening economic crisis in Malaysia
20/4/2003 EPF dividend this year plunging below 4 per cent?
19/4/2003 Cabinet should stop three creeping attempts towards an Islamic State
19/4/2003 NAM initiative - special UN General Assembly to mandate central UN role in post-Saddam Iraq
19/4/2003 EPF dividend should be 5.43% and not 4.25% - DAP calls for nation-wide protests
18/4/2003 Rejection of Anwar's appeal - power/stranglehold of hangover of the past
17/4/2003 Tunku and Hussein Onn would have spearheaded the 'No to 929" campaign
17/4/2003 Let Anwar walk out a free man from court tomorrow
16/4/2003 No more police/ACA "cover-up" - fundamental revamp and new powers needed
15/4/2003 SARS - smart and decentralised information policy as new disease likely to stay
15/4/2003 EPF - longest delay in 50 years on lowest dividend in 40 years
14/4/2003 Has Suhakam violated human rights in suppressing the Salleh Sarawak NCR land inquiry report?
13/4/2003 Malaysian journalists covering Iraq - Hamid Albar/Khalil Yaacob responsible
13/4/2003 New international architecture in post-Iraq world - what is NAM's role?
12/4/2003 2002 Suhakam Report's major flaw - no reference to Anwar, the most high--profile case of human rights violation
12/4/2003 Special UN Conference on four-point future of Iraq
11/4/2003 Fall of Baghdad - all-party/NGOs roundtable on the new global geo-political scenario
11/4/2003 SARS - Chua's dumb information policy and DAP's public awareness campaign
11/4/2003 SARS - Virus does not recognise ethnic differences
11/4/2003 Suhakam ISA report - Abdullah should be serious and submit Cabinet position to Parliament in June
10/4/2003 SARS - LKS offers co-operation with Chua to establish national/international confidence in full transparency
10/4/2003 Suhakam ISA review report - serious consultation process involving Cabinet, Parliament and civil society
9/4/2003 Pro-active and visionary economic plan in post-Iraq war/SARS urgently needed
9/4/2003 SARS - Tsu Koon should give daily update for Penang situation
9/4/2003 SARS - 5 ways to restore public confidence and end Chua's ego trip
8/4/2003 SARS - Report to Suhakam for quintuple violation of human rights
8/4/2003 Dissolve ISA Advisory Board and Suhakam if government not serious about their proposals
7/4/2003 SARS - DAP offers full co-operation to government as virus does not take Sunday holidays
7/4/2003 SARS - Parliament Speaker should apologise to Fong Po Kuan for rejecting her motion last Thursday
6/4/2003 General election - Abdullah may bring it forward to December
6/4/2003 SARS - Chua Jui Meng should emulate China and apologise for mishandling outbreak
6/4/2003 SARS - 48-hr ultimatum to Chua to withdraw ISA "threat"
5/4/2003 Double whammy for Malaysian economy - Iraq war and SARS epidemic
5/4/2003 SARS - Chua threatening LKS with dire action, including ISA?
4/4/2003 SARS - Has Malaysia overtaken Singapore to be world's 3rd country with most cases?
4/4/2003 SARS - Abdullah overrules Chua Jui Meng
3/4/2003 SARS - Health Ministry still not fully candid about outbreak
2/4/2003 SARS quantum leap for the worse - at least 75 deaths and 2,300 cases
2/4/2003 SARS - withdraw Home Ministry directive to press to downplay SARS outbreak
2/4/2003 Four factors for incorporation in post-Iraq war economic stimulus package
1/4/2003 SARS - Chua should come clean and stop the "No suspected case" mantra
1/4/2003 SARS - urgent email to Abdullah to give daily update
1/4/2003 Majority of MPs lazy, want easy life and good time instead of debating people's issues till midnight