Archive - September 2002
30/9/2002 Another bad news - Malaysia from "terrorist-risk" to "terrorist-suspect" state
30/9/2002 Mahathir - "There is no more justice in this world"
29/9/2002 929 anniversary - "Penang Leads" clarion call
29/9/2002 UN SC - give Israel seven days to end Arafat siege
29/9/2002 10-year Medical Education Master Plan - world-class biomedical  hub
27/9/2002 Malaysia's image as "terrorist state" - two major reverses in a week
26/9/2002 Malaysia "terrorist-risk" state - DAP leaders to US Embassy tomorrow
25/9/2002 Israeli rejection of UN SC resolution - Parliament should express outrage
25/9/2002 Govt should protest worst possible US branding of Malaysia as terrorist state
24/9/2002 Malaysia in US blacklist of "15 terrorist-risk" countries - DAP to meet US Ambassador
24/9/2002 Gaya - Is Yong Teck Lee still MP?
24/9/2002 "No to 929" - Will Chor one day say distributing the Constitution is seditious?
23/9/2002 US Government - Malaysia one of 15 "terrorist-risk" states
23/9/2002 K-economy Master Plan - a joke in the IT world
23/9/2002 2003 Budget dashes hopes of early release of ISA detainees
22/9/2002 UMNO-PAS Islamic competition - deleterious to international competitiveness
21/9/2002 Mahathir's 2003 Budget - contempt of court
21/9/2002 RM90 billion low-interest EPF funds for mega projects and crony bailouts
20/9/2002 Kayveas' locker-room language - ban him from Dewan Rakyat
19/9/2002 UMNO-PAS Islamic competition more far-reaching consequences than 2003 budget
18/9/2002 Islamic State - Mahathir breaks public pledge to uphold Tunku's nation-building policy
18/9/2002 Musa reply to 32 questions - studded with misconceptions and fallacies
17/9/2002 Police report of mala fide ISA detention - ridiculous for police to investigate IGP
16/9/2002 2003 Budget - Call for RCI into corporate fraud in Malaysia
16/9/2002 Jurassic Parliament home-page - cannot justify RM100,000 let alone RM2.4 m
15/9/2002 LKS - no interest in contesting in Gaya
13/9/2002 International Mother Language Day Feb. 21 - Malaysia should celebrate in big way
13/9/2002 Answer 32 questions in one go - Musa abdicates responsibility and makes Parliament a joke
12/9/2002 Malaysia's multi-lingual and multi-cultural diversity: Resource and not problem
12/9/2002 Answer 32 questions in one go - Musa abdicates responsibility and makes Parliament a joke
11/9/2002 Malaysia's multi-lingual and multi-cultural diversity: Resource and not problem
11/9/2002 PAS Islamic State: Second class citizenship status for non-Muslims unacceptable
11/9/2002 Musa's most outrageous and scandalous reply in Parliament
10/9/2002 Rule of law implications on Federal Court decision on ISA detentions - AG's role
10/9/2002 Debate on Election Offences Amendment Bill - premature, irrelevant, unreal
9/9/2002 K-Parliament - squandering tens of millions of ringgit for six years
9/9/2002 Continued ISA detention "substantial injustice" after Federal Court decision
8/9/2002 US war on Iraq - all-party unanimous Parliament motion for Bush
8/9/2002 32 DAP wrongful arrests - Abdullah's ministerial statement in Parliament
7/9/2002 Interrupted 'No to 929" campaign returns to Pandamaran/Klang tomorrow
7/9/2002 Reformasi Four - - double miscarriage of justice by Federal Court
6/9/2002 Police forgets history and ignorant of constitution
5/9/2002 Election laws - outrageous pieces of myopic legislation
4/9/2002 Suhakam - don't go for "soft" and avoid "hard" human rights issues
4/9/2002 Purge all phantom voters whether "illegal immigrant, imported or dead"
3/9/2002 Teaching English - DAP welcomes "turn of opportunity"
3/9/2002 Aziz's quadri-lingual education system - serious proposal?
3/9/2002 Redelineation - Election Commission violates three cardinal principles
2/9/2002 Wong Pow Nee - architect for a secular Malaysia
1/9/2002 Phantom voters - EC's response most disappointing