Archive - October 2002

31/10/2002 Al Qaeda Threat in Malaysia - Time for truth and frankness
30/10/2002 Rais - prosecute BN leaders for sharp drop of English in past 30 years?
29/10/2002 Regional anti-terrorism centre in Malaysia - place it under UN
27/10/2002 UMNO threat to withdraw govt. aid to Chinese primary schools?
27/10/2002 Oil as weapon against West - Mahathir's truculent stand without consensus
26/10/2002 Terrorism threat in Malaysia - stop confusing and conflicting signals
25/10/2002 World Press Freedom Index - Malaysia among some 20 per cent of nations with worst record
24/10/2002 National patriotism congress - biased, unbalanced & unpatriotic programme
24/10/2002 UN Security Council resolution against Al-Qaeda  - Malaysia fails to comply
23/10/2002 Tajudin Ramli a model Malaysian patriot?
23/10/2002 "929 Declaration" - Police should arrest Mahathir
21/10/2002 Ban of "Inside Al-Qaeda" will create greater international interest/sale
20/10/2002 DAP calls for national consensus and All-Party Conference on Terrorism
19/10/2002 High-level corruption in Fire Department: Suspend DG and KL Deputy Director
19/10/2002 Gunaratna on Al-Qaeda, MILF and BN - Call for Inquiry Commission
18/10/2002 Malaysia catapulted from "terrorist-risk" to "terrorist haven"?
17/10/2002 Malaysian deputy head of Bali terrorist blasts? Malaysian police should join investigations
16/10/2002 Hamid's post-Bali comments - poor taste, bizarre, outrageous
14/10/2002 Terrorist Bali blasts - triple wake-up calls
12/10/2002 Gaya by-election - BN has not learnt from Likas disqualification
11/10/2002 Sabahans - victims of eight years of BN politics of musical chairs rotating post of CM
10/10/2002 Sabah 9-year political pendulum swing - coming next year
10/10/2002 Sabah - state with worst corruption after CM rotation system
9/10/2002 "No to 929" - Tunku, Hussein, Fuad & Sundang would have led campaign
8/10/2002 Gaya - DAP to play role of PBS PLUS