Archive - November 2002

30/11/2002 No living Malaysians as role models of integrity in public life
29/11/2002 PORR - Tan and Lim victims of four BN political factors
29/11/2002 Botched PJ Southern Bank robbery May 18, 2001 - KMM exonerated?
28/11/2002 First "suicide bomber" squad - double failure of anti-terrorism strategy/nation-building policy
27/11/2002 Suicide bombers in Malaysia - IGP confirmed worst US/Oz fears
27/11/2002 Adnan/Zainudd's Cabinet promotion - abuse of power and waste of public funds
26/11/2002 PORR - BN should commend Lim and Tan for abstaining
26/11/2002 Malaysia high on the international radar of terrorism
25/11/2002 Public debate challenge to ZAM - Defend "Bahaya Cauvinisme" vicious propaganda
24/11/2002 National Service, Barisan Nasional Service and National Disservice
23/11/2002 Terrorist Threat - Is Malaysia safe or unsafe
22/11/2002 Let parents decide on use of English to teach maths/science in Std. One
21/11/2002 Malaysia again features in latest US Terrorist Danger list
21/11/2002 DAP's contribution to nation-building: halt assimilation and chart integration
20/11/2002 Latest death in police custody - double indictment of police and Suhakam
18/11/2002 Sack Zainuddin Maidin and not promote him as Deputy Information Minister
18/11/2002 Slander in RTM propaganda - - Cabinet should uphold justice in month of Ramadan
18/11/2002 RTM news - abyss of journalistic ethics
17/11/2002 RTM: Show the real faces of chauvinism and extremism
16/11/2002 Suhakam is Human Rights Commission and not Legal Aid Bureau
15/11/2002 DAP's 3 proposals better than the "2:4:3" formula
14/11/2002 38-day 2003 Budget Parliament - ignominious end
13/11/2002 Sedition Act and ISA against those who criticise/oppose "2:4:3"?
12/11/2002 Dong Jiao Zong's policy statement on "2:4:3" - media control at its worst
12/11/2002 Cabinet should ban double entendres in Parliament
11/11/2002 Musa: Chinese primary school pupils "losers" in 2:4:3 formula
10/11/2002 Nasharuddin's ISA re-arrest - Abdullah spearheading war against rule of law
9/11/2002 Loo-Keng Hua and Abdul Kalam - Examples of success of Formula "1-2-3"
9/11/2002 Malaysia Boleh - Malaysia-US anti-terrorist centre manned by personnel wearing Osama bin Laden T-shirts
8/11/2002 Global clash of Muslims and non-Muslims - what is Malaysia's stand?
7/11/2002 Formula 1-2-3 to produce first Malaysian Nobel Science Laureate before 2020
6/11/2002 Suhakam - declare stand on Abdullah's sedition threat
5/11/2002 Abdullah's threat of sedition charge - ousting AG's constitutional powers?
5/11/2002 M's "open invitation" - prove it is not pure political gimmicry
4/11/2002 "2:4:3" formula - Abdullah's commitment to democracy only skin-deep?
2/11/2002 "2:4:3" formula for Std. One - devote all nine new periods to teaching English
2/11/2002 Happy Deepavali - cast out the darkness of September 11
1/11/2002 "2:4:3" formula - win-win for BN parties but lose-lose for nation and students