Archive - July 2002


31/7/2002 Mahathir's final challenge - release Anwar
31/7/2002 DAP calls for all-party roundtable conference to build national consensus
29/7/2002 Use English to teach maths/science - Musa utterly confused
29/7/2002 "Restore Chinese schools' freehold status" Campaign
29/7/2002 "No to 929" - AG should decide whether sedition or not
29/7/2002 Powell's listening mode - Hamid's responsbility
28/7/2002 Education Development Blueprint 2001-2010 - Five Failings
28/7/2002 MCA Ministers or aspiring ones wear blinkers and cannot see the obvious
28/7/2002 Use English to teach maths in Chinese primary schools - will standards plunge?
28/7/2002 Hussein Onn supported Tunku - Say No to Islamic State
27/7/2002 Kerk Choo Ting's Neanderthal doctrine
27/7/2002 Mahathir as "lame-duck" Prime Minister
27/7/2002 No to 929 - do not want to be arrested a third time but...
26/7/2002 DAP education forums - challenge to Abdul  Rafie
26/7/2002 Mahathir's 600 Chinese voters in Anak Bukit afraid to vote - where from?
25/7/2002 Musa and Abdul Rafie invited to two DAP education forum
25/7/2002 Malaysia's Salt March - July 28 rendezvous in Seremban
25/7/2002 3 root questions about independence of Election Commission
24/7/2002 All party/NGO conference on new law for free, fair and clean elections
24/7/2002 English in Chinese primary schools - Open and public discussion
23/7/2002 Police should not take law into their own hands
22/7/2002 Kalif 2002 success marred by unlawful police arrests
21/7/2002 BA - most ambitious attempt in 44 years to create the political centre
21/7/2002 LKS' second police arrest/second sedition charge over his head
21/7/2002 Outrageous example of the "Unknowing/Unfeeling" style of MCA leadership
20/7/2002 Education Development Blueprint 2001-2010 - Chinese schools treated as "squatters"
20/7/2002 BA - return to 1999 Common Manifesto before it is too late
19/7/2002 Pendang/Anak Bukit results - urgent need to strengthen the political centre
19/7/2002 Education Development Blueprint 2001-2010 - policy document or still a draft?
18/7/2002 Dirty tactics - Election Commission's greatest failure
18/7/2002 Special task force with Dong Jiao Zong to improve English in Chinese primary schools
18/7/2002 10-yr Education Development Blueprint - No place for Chinese/Tamil primary schools
17/7/2002 Chua Jui Meng - learn from Nipah and Coxsackie epidemics
17/7/2002 Dong Jiao Zong right - no use of English to teach maths and science in Chinese primary schools
15/7/2002 Meningitis - Kasnita's death could have been avoided
14/7/2002 Saudi Arabian justice system 100 times worse than ISA
14/7/2002 Most irresponsible/unprofessional running of Education Ministry
13/3/2002 2 by-elections - Why no Suhakam daily monitoring of media coverage?
13/7/2002 UMNO/PAS - end unhealthy competition to "out-Islam" each other
13/7/2002 PAS wants to introduce mutawwa'in or religious police to enforce hudud law?
12/7/2002 Bar Council President should not talk like a BN Minister
12/7/2002 Pendang and Anak Bukit - Ball in Hadi's court
12/7/2002 Hadi's Bill - Malaysia from "half-light to full darkness"
11/7/2002 Withhold Hudud & Qisas Bill from royal assent until national consensus
11/7/2002 Teaching science/maths in English - Make proposal public before Cabinet meeting
11/7/2002 UIA - affirmative action plan for students with disabilities
10/7/2002 Anwar's judgement - A sad day for justice in Malaysia
10/7/2002 Hudud & Qisas - Saudi Arabia no model for Malaysia 
9/7/2002 Final failure of BA two-coalition attempt
9/7/2002 Cover-up of two UPM student meningitis deaths
8/7/2002 Education Ministry has no copy of 10-Year Education Development Blueprint
7/7/2002 Call for public inquiry into Daim's second term as Finance Minister
7/7/2002 DAP welcomes PRM stand against Islamic state
7/7/2002 UIA's subtle discrimination against the disabled
7/7/2002 No to 929 - Is Tunku guilty of sedition?
7/7/2002 No return to 1999 BA Joint Manifesto
7/7/2002 UIA - Readmit Ermiza
6/7/2002 New DPM - which precedent will Abdullah follow?
6/7/2002 Hudud - Keadilan's stand same as Anwar?
6/7/2002 Tunku and Hussein Onn's call: "Don't turn Malaysia into an Islamic state"
5/7/2002 Malaysian Police - arrest first and find out whether any offence later
5/7/2002 Terengganu hudud bill - Has BA Presidential Council approved it?
5/7/2002 Islamic State - Keng Yaik/Liong Sik/Ah Lek "Mudah Lupa"
4/7/2002 National Coalition to save ICC and UN peacekeeping operations
4/7/2002 Renaming Putrajaya to honour Mahathir - "Melayu Mudah Lupa"
4/7/2002 Mahathir did not tell the more important reasons for his resignations
3/7/2002 Email to Bush - US stop acting like rogue state
3/7/2002 Education task force - IT as core subject for schools from next year
2/7/2002 Mahathir's last 16 months as Prime Minister
2/7/2002 Tunku and Hussein Onn's call - Don't turn Malaysia into an Islamic State
2/7/2002 ICC and UN peacekeeping - All-party Conference to condemn US veto
2/7/2002 Computer literacy as core subject in schools - DAP applauds Abdullah's proposal
2/7/2002 Will Mahathir allow Abdullah to be genuine Acting Prime Minister?
1/7/2002 Malaysia should condemn US veto and attempt to wreck ICC
1/7/2002 Mahathir had intended to resign as PM with immediate effect?
1/7/2002 Pendang/Anak Bukit by-elections "fair media" coverage - EC should form task force