Archive - December 2002

31/12/2002 DAP's 2003 New Year Proposal on perception of Malaysia as "terrorist centre"
31/12/2002 Dengue info, khalwat reports and need for new information policy
30/12/2002 53 deaths in dengue outbreak - Chua Jui Meng should resign as Health Minister
29/12/2002 Challenge of 2003 - "Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia" nation-wide
29/12/2002 Electronic voting? Clean electoral list of phantom voters
29/12/2002 Double "hijack" of national school system: indictment on  NUTP
28/12/2002 RM5 billion ICT programme to teach maths/science in English - grave question of accountability/transparency
27/12/2002 ISA for rumour-mongers - where to draw the line?
27/12/2002 National school system "hijacked" - two different sets of "hijackers" involved
26/12/2002 10 arrested for email rumour - let them off with severe warning
25/12/2002 Malaysians in Bali bombings - Abdullah should resolve conflicts between deputy minister and IGP
24/12/2002 National Inter-Religious Council to promote inter-religious/civilisational understanding
24/12/2002 DAP offers co-operation to BN Govt - eliminate image of Malaysia as "terrorist centre"
23/12/2002 Optional Protocol against Torture - Why Malaysia sided with US?
23/12/2002 Dengue outbreak - Health Ministry homepage a "cobwebsite"
23/12/2002 Malaysia as "terrorist centre" - Convene National Round Table Conference
22/12/2002 Malaysia - "home to al Qaeda terrorists"
21/12/2002 ICG report - Malaysia launching pad for JI bombings in SEA since 1999
21/12/2002 Road death toll during Malaysian festivities - equal to two to three Bali bombings
20/12/2002 Abdullah - accept ISA Advisory Board recommendations/release reformasi activists
20/12/2002 Najib admits educational system a failure in forging national unity
20/12/2002 PORR - Tsu Koon violating precept with Gerakan overriding the people's interests
19/12/2002 Spreading rumours of impending terrrorism on net - charge in court and not use ISA
19/12/2002 2nd Mahathir committee - Is MCA reduced to be mere part of fragment of BN govt?
19/12/2002 Liong Sik and MCA - more public humiliations on the way
18/12/2002 Second Mahathir education review committee must not operate in a vacuum
18/12/2002 Penang MCA duo - MCA Independent or truly independent State Assembly members?
17/12/2002 Parliament serious about Suhakam and human rights - ball in Abdullah's court
17/12/2002 Parliament serious about Suhakam and human rights - ball in Abdullah's court
17/12/2002 Govt voucher scheme for every national school student?
17/12/2002 Indefinite suspension of Penang MCA duo - unjust, cowardly and new-fangled
16/12/2002 Dengue Outbreak - how many more people must die before nation-wide alert?
16/12/2002 Crisis of Quality of University Education in Malaysia
15/12/2002 Dengue outbreak - heading to be worst year in number of cases and deaths
15/12/2002 Gerakan-MCA power tussle - Keng Yaik "goes for the kill"
14/12/2002 Virtulent dengue outbreak - Chua should release figures of cases and deaths
13/12/2002 Penang MCA duo and PORR - a test of Vision 2020
13/12/2002 NEAC report on single-stream education system should be made public
13/12/2002 Mahathir treating Japan - first Asian nation to support Howard - with kid-gloves
13/12/2002 Liong Sik overstayed his welcome in BN
13/12/2002 Second Mahathir education review committee - starting on wrong footing
12/12/2002 Modify "2-4-3" plan to use all nine periods to teach English in Std. One in Chinese primary schools
12/12/2002 Mahathir's ultimatum to Ling - to the delight of MCA B Team
11/12/2002 Education not fifth "sensitive" issue prohibited public debate on pain of sedition offence
11/12/2002 Mahathir - lecture Japanese not to be worse than "Banana People"
11/12/2002 Mahathir committee - focus on secondary school/varsity polarisation instead of primary schools
10/12/2002 Civil society should issue annual report card on Suhakam
10/12/2002 Zam - not model of good Malaysian citizen
10/12/2002 Mahathir education review committee - appoint reps from Opposition, Dong Jiao Zong and Tamil NGOs
9/12/2002 Guinness Book of Records for Musa's 10-year Education Development Blueprint - shortest life-span
9/12/2002 Penang MCA duo - complex inter/intra BN power struggle
8/12/2002 MCA/Gerakan/MIC/SUPP Ministers - break long silence on Mahathir education review committee
8/12/2002 Howard's "perfidious Oz"
5/12/2002 Malaysia has lost its way
5/12/2002 Codicil to Malaysia-Australia Anti-Terrorism Pact to address the Howard doctrine
5/12/2002 RTM - telecast Tunku's legacy message "not to turn Malaysia into Islamic State"
4/12/2002 2002 UPSR - national schools outperformed Chinese primary schools?
4/12/2002 US Deputy Sheriff Howard - Suspend Malaysia-Australia anti-terrorism pact
3/12/2002 Was Rafidah treated like a terrorist?
3/12/2002 Howard's doctrine - "Kill First, Ask Questions Later"
2/12/2002 Penang duo - UMNO Supreme Council's pistol to the head of MCA leadership
2/12/2002 Bush/Howard doctrine of unilaterial pre-emptive strike: Dangerous state terrorism
1/12/2002 Rafidah and sniffer-dogs