Archive - September 2001

30/9/2001 US vs Osama/al-Qaeda - rely on international law 
30/9/2001 Gerakan/MCA support Islamic State 
29/9/2001 WTC 911 horrors - All-party roundtable conference and Parliament motion 
28/9/2001 Chiew Chiu Sing - Assemblyman for all Sarawakians 
26/9/2001 A strong phalanx of 6-8 Opposition Assemblymen in Sarawak 
25/9/2001 Kuching voters - reclaim place in political vanguard of democracy
24/9/2001 DAP pull-out from BA - nothing to do with WTC terrorism or Sarawak polls 
24/9/2001 George Chan - stop persecuting Tan Seng Hin 
24/9/2001 Sibu airport closed for over 3 hours for Mahathir's visit -  scandalous and outrageous 
22/9/2001 Tan Seng Hin to enter Sarawak to vote in polls
20/9/2001 Sarawak polls not contest betweeen those who condemn/condone 911 WTC carnage 
19/9/2001 Irresponsible, immoral and indecent exploitation of WTC carnage
17/9/2001 Sarawak polls - BN's campaign of fear exploiting WTC terrorism
15/9/2001 Bernama scoop on ADC murkier by the day 
14/9/2001 US mass murders - one insanity should not be followed by another 
13/9/2001 ADC - American lobby group to influence Malaysians from Washington? 
12/9/2001 American Defense Council - a Bernama phantom 
12/9/2001 Barbaric mass murders in New York/Washington - Dastardly terrorism 
11/9/2001 Bernama's hoax and PAS' Islamic State 
10/9/2001 Suhakam Kesas Report - give Abdullah another chance 
10/9/2001 Bernama inquiry - biggest hoax in Malaysian journalism
9/9/2001 Suhakam Kesas Highway report: Abdullah should cut out all mumbo-jumbo
9/9/2001 Bernama perpetrated biggest hoax in history of Malaysian journalism? 
8/9/2001 Scraping bottom of barrel of obscure, fringe rightwing American groups
7/9/2001 Taib Mahmud commits election offence 
6/9/2001 Human Rights Day 9.9.2001  - Abdullah should give report card on Suhakam
5/9/2001 Second mystery - where is K-economy Masterplan?
4/9/2001 New quality national education blueprint 2001-2010 - why the secrecy
3/9/2001 Royal Commission of Inquiry - quality of education system 
2/9/2001 KMM wants to establish Islamic Maphilindo? 
1/9/2001 Kesas Highway - Reopen Suhakam inquiry to let police vindicate honour and conduct