Archive - November 2001

30/11/2001 Misuari - stop dilly-dally and repatriate him to Manila
30/11/2001 Syabas to Mahfuz - scoring PAS' own goal
30/11/2001 If Rais right and Zahir talking rubbish, time for Speaker to step down
29/11/2001 Mahathir should clarify constitutional muddle on AG appointment
29/11/2001 CLP scandal - 5-pt formula to salvage credibility,reputation and integrity
28/11/2001 CLP scandal - Qualifying Board opens an even bigger "can of  worms"
28/11/2001 Gani as new AG -reconsider appointment as Art. 145(1) not invoked yet
28/11/2001 Tajol Rosli - name a road in memory of Koo Chong Kong in every  local authority in Perak
27/11/2001 Royal Commission of Inquiry - CLP exam paper leak and 'marks-tampering' 
27/11/2001 Name roads after Patto, Veerappan, Chee Khoon, Boestamann, Pak Sako, Yusuf Rawa and  Hamid Tuah
27/11/2001 Glacial talks - concrete results wanted  with ASSK's full release
26/11/2001 Next general elections - whose political obituary?
26/11/2001 Nur Misuari - send him back to Manila without single day  delay
26/11/2001 Ipoh City Council - apology to Koo's memory and sacrifice, police, King and nation
26/11/2001 Make public Selangor land approvals to all politicians - BN, BA and DAP
25/11/2001 Desecrate  memory of assassinated Perak CPO - sack Ipoh City Council 
25/11/2001 Gani - why no cross-appeal against Rahim Noor's lenient 2-mth  jail sentence
25/11/2001 Islamic State - no need for amendment to Constitution?
24/11/2001 Parliament Law Reform Standing Committee to revamp CLP Board
24/11/2001 Police/ACA should open investigations into scandals exposed in Abdullah-Annuar "war of words"
24/11/2001 Info Ministry publication on Islamic state offensive and against Vision 2020
23/11/2001 New US visa rules - DAP leaders protest to US Ambassador
23/11/2001 PM Ministerial statement - Is Gani as AG "one of the angels"?
22/11/2001 Parliament fair to MPs - Zahir should compare with best and not worst
22/11/2001 Qualifying Board and CLP - don't create triple mess
21/11/2001 Ainum - was she pressured to resign as AG?
20/11/2001 CLP scam - Qualifying Board "headless" during its worst crisis?
20/11/2001 Islamic state - Cabinet rejects visit by Al Azhar experts
20/11/2001 Gani Patail as AG - Parliament should insist on accuntability
19/11/2001 Sack CLP exam director Khalid Yusof and review marking of all CLP papers 
19/11/2001 Malaysian peacekeeping force to Afghanistan - be extra-careful 
19/11/2001 Najib's condition for PBS return to BN - humiliating and unfair 
18/11/2001 Appoint new Attorney-General as Cabinet Minister 
18/11/2001 Malaysia an Islamic state for 44 years  - first three PMs never knew 
18/11/2001 PBS "ill-advised" to believe it could be "king-maker" in 1990  elections 
18/11/2001 ISIS conference - no national coalition against terrorism 
17/11/2001 Karpal's unconstitutional detention: Mahathir should apologise 
17/11/2001 Tunku on Islamic state - require the drowning of every non-Malay
16/11/2001 US visa profiling of Malaysians - Mahathir/Abdullah/Hamid too gullible 
16/11/2001 CLP leak - kudos to police and now over to Qualifying Board to act justly 
15/11/2001 PBS returns to BN - body blows to democratic, secular Malaysia 
15/11/2001 CLP injustice  - Malaysian Bar EGM warranted 
14/11/2001 PBS return to BN - post-911 political sea-change 
14/11/2001 CLP - All MPs must unite against injustices of Qualifying Board 
13/11/2001 CLP - rescind decision to nullify July/Sept. examination 
13/11/2001 Cabinet and Parliament - repudiate Lamin doctrine 
12/11/2001 Happy Deepavali - all-out national war against "darkness" 
12/11/2001 Malaysia an  Islamic state for 44 years -  distorting history/constitution 
11/11/2001 Lunas by-election: BN win with thumping majority if held now 
11/11/2001 US visa curb - baseless, unfair and offensive 
11/11/2001 Islamic state fears cannot be allayed by mere verbal assurances 
10/11/2001 Engineering en  masse defection of DAP members - unfriendly and hostile Keadilan act 
10/11/2001 DAP - two options into the future 
9/11/2001 Kg Medan tragedy - all-party national conference 
9/11/2001 Federal Court  - fill 4-year vacancy for Indian judge 
9/11/2001 Cabinet on US airstrikes - tower of Babel 
8/11/2001 Bush - offensive and arrogant 
8/11/2001 Suhakam reports - MPs failing their duties if no special debate 
7/11/2001 National quiz - Who is the ACA director-general? 
6/11/2001 ISIS seminar on terrorism - make it all-party and focus on democracy/human rights
6/11/2001 Badrul Amin - restore his full citizenship rights 
5/11/2001 Cabinet reshuffle - axe Ministers who fail in 2002 budget debate 
4/11/2001 Musa assurance: no let-up in Suhakam human rights programme 
3/11/2001 Mahathir's letter to Bush - more important to influence ASEAN Summit
2/11/2001 Bar Council - irresponsible and dangerous complacency 
2/11/2001 Terrorists are not born but made
2/11/2001 US airstrikes in Afghanistan - Shame on Parliament 
1/11/2001 Suhakam should convene conference on human rights post-911 
1/11/2001 ASEAN Summit in Brunei - issue call to halt US airstrikes