Archive - June 2001
30/6/2001 BA at crossroads and no more tenable
29/6/2001 Mahathir - stop defamatory campaign against DAP
29/6/2001 Make Islamic State the issue in 2004 and defer BA manifesto to 2009?
28/6/2001 Matthias Chang - help or hinder PM to understand the Chinese?
28/6/2001 DAP on Islamic State
27/6/2001 Zainur's acquittal: Was Anwar properly convicted for corruption in 1999?
27/6/2001 Mahathir/Rais' selective attacks on Muhammad Kamil
26/6/2001 Mahathir's gross misperceptions about Chinese community - who is responsible?
26/6/2001 Muhammad Kamil case - Mahathir suffering from terminal denial syndrome
25/6/2001 NYSP/CP: 3-Pt Cuicak Declaration for press freedom and democracy
25/6/2001 NYSP/CP - how many  warnings for inciting hatred of Chinese agaisnt govt?
25/6/2001 Ling's ignominous victory - thanks to "five seals" dirty tactics
24/6/2001 NYSP/CP takeover - Liong Sik's ignominous MCA EGM  157-vote win
24/6/2001 Mahathir's baseless allegations against NYSP/CP: Commission of  Inquiry headed by Koh Tsu Koon
23/6/2001 MCA takeover of NYSP/CP - punishment for Lunas by-election coverage
23/6/2001 Mahathir grants Daim immunity from prosecution?
22/6/2001 Haprak - Anwar, Musa or Mahathir?
22/6/2001 LLS - wants NYSP/CP to become Chinese Star
21/6/2001 UMNO Speech: Mahathir turned his back on Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia
21/6/2001 MCA EGM - MCA 'fish' to reject Chinese community 'water'?
20/6/2001 NYSP/CP takeover: MCA - separate politics from business
19/6/2001 KWAP/Time dotCom scandal - Daim implicated?
19/6/2001 MCA EGM: Decide on Nanyang offer by consortium
18/6/2001 Mahathir brewing "final solution" to his woes?
18/6/2001 Ling's confession: NYSP/CP takeover "strategic political" decision
17/6/2001 Mahathir back as Home Minister, Abdullah as Finance Minister?
17/6/2001 MCA EGM - return NYSP/CP to Chinese community
15/6/2001 NYSP/CP takeover : MCA EGM cannot cure its illegality
15/6/2001 AG - Prosecute Eusoff Chin for obstruction of justice on his own admission
15/6/2001 Police investigating LKS instead of EPF on its investments in Time dotCom
15/6/2001 Clean up electoral roll by  first cleaning Sabah UMNO of "phantom" members
15/6/2001 Likas telephone directive occurred in  darkest period  of judiciary
14/6/2001 Gaya parliamentary by-election as Yong Teck Lee disqualified as MP
14/6/2001 NYSP/CP - No reason for Lim and Chua to resign as Huaren trustees
14/6/2001 Mokhzani's double quitting - Can Mahathir  take high ground?
13/6/2001 Automatic voter registration and phantom voters
13/6/2001 Huaren trustees - veto the NYSP/CP deal
13/6/2001 Mad for Eusoff Chin but madder for Muhammad Kamil
12/6/2001 Email to Cabinet on high judicial officer tampering with justice
12/6/2001 Phone directive to Justice Muhammad - was Eusuff Chin the one?
11/6/2001 Huaren trustees - relinquish ownership of The Star
11/6/2001 Rais - what has happened to "Report on Administration of Justice"?
10/6/2001 Abdullah irresponsible in taking lightly perversion of justice
9/6/2001 Very, very sad Pathma was never Cabinet Minister
9/6/2001 NYSP/CP - MCA's minority stake or even one golden share unacceptable
9/6/2001 AG - prosecute person who issued "directive" to Sabah election judge
8/6/2001 Will the ISA 4 be released from Kamunting by Federal Court?
7/6/2001 MCA: relinquish every share in NYSP/CP as well as Star
7/6/2001 Rais - from "bold spirit" to "timorous soul"
7/6/2001 NYSP sales down by some 20% -Suhakam should be in forefront
6/6/2001 Rais and his book  - defray those who did not want to buy a fairy tale
6/6/2001 Mahathir as Finance Minister - a waft of stale air
5/6/2001 MCA takeover of NYSP/CP: Three catastrophes
5/6/2001 Email to Cabinet - end all crony bailouts and buyouts
5/6/2001 NYSP/CP takeover by MCA - Suhakam should hold public hearing
5/6/2001 Four ISA detentions - to pre-empt Federal Court appeal on habeas corpus?
5/6/2001 LKS defends Rais' right to criticise Hishammudin judgement although he is wrong
4/6/2001 Four ISA detentions - Rais should query Abdullah
4/6/2001 Keng Yaik should block MCA takeover of NYSP/CP in Cabinet
3/6/2001 Samy Vellu: Don't forget Kampong Medan victims
3/6/2001 Four formal ISA detentions - Three questions for Abdullah
3/6/2001 Will Mahathir take over Finance Ministry himself?
2/6/2001 MCA - Relinquish ownership of NYSP/CP
2/6/2001 Daim's departure - does it mean end of bail-outs and buy-outs?
2/6/2001 Malaysian Police with RM2.5 billion annual budget - not online
2/6/2001 Liong Sik's larger political gameplan in gobbling up NYSP/CP
1/6/2001 Anwar's surgery in Munich: Comply with Suhakam recommendation
1/6/2001 NYSP/CP takeover - MCA Central Committee a joke
1/6/2001 Email to IGP: MCA MP guilty of two criminal offences